Violet Abdulkadir


Violet Abdulkadir - Deputy Chairman, Business Council for Women in International Trade


Meet Violet Abdulkadir, the Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Women in International Trade, part of the International Trade Council. With a wealth of business expertise, particularly in international trade, supply chains, and transparency, Violet Abdulkadir is a notable figure in the industry.

As the CEO of TIME-TELL Nigeria Limited, Violet's company operates in the manufacturing sector, specializing in gift and branding merchandising, retail solutions, and apparel and garment production. Her journey in this industry began with a focus on promotional gifts for companies, which later evolved into the fashion sector.

With a solid educational foundation, including an MBA, Violet possesses the qualifications and skills necessary to excel in her career. Her key projects and initiatives have included merchandising and retail solutions for market penetration, as well as ethical and sustainable fashion production.

Among her proudest professional accomplishments is her role in mentoring women-owned businesses and leading bilateral trade missions and collaborations. Violet is dedicated to empowering and supporting women in the world of international trade.

Reflecting on the evolution of the industry, she notes the increasing automation aimed at enhancing efficiency. However, the industry also faces challenges related to unstable supply chains and the impact of climate change.

Looking ahead, Violet envisions the industry making greater use of artificial intelligence to streamline processes and drive innovation. She is particularly excited about the potential of 3D fashion display technologies.

For those aspiring to enter the industry, Violet's advice is to never compromise on quality and to build an ethical culture within their businesses.

When faced with setbacks and challenges in her work, Violet sees them as opportunities for learning and growth. She embraces setbacks as stepping stones to greater achievements.

In her field, Violet draws inspiration from figures like Amrod in the promotional gifts sector and Atinuke Smith in the fashion industry. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys reading, dancing, cooking, and traveling, reflecting a multifaceted and culturally curious individual.