Ronald Klink

Technology Advisor/Consultant of RK's Disaster Recovery Solutions

Ronald Klink- Member of the Business Council for Digital Commerce, Innovation and Technology and Manufacturing

Ronald Klink, a distinguished Technology Advisor/Consultant at RK's Disaster Recovery Solutions, plays a pivotal role in the Digital Commerce, Innovation and Technology, and Manufacturing councils of the International Trade Council. With an unwavering commitment to the Information Technology industry, Ron specializes in fortifying small and medium-sized businesses against the unforeseeable challenges posed by natural disasters, including cyber-attacks, hurricanes, and tornadoes, through comprehensive IT infrastructure assessments.

Inspired by a high school teacher's passion for technology, Ron embarked on a journey into the IT field that led him to acquire esteemed certifications from Microsoft, IBM, and CompTIA, complemented by a technical degree. This solid educational foundation has been instrumental in his success and the development of RK's Disaster Recovery Solutions into a leading consultancy.

Ron 's career is marked by significant achievements, including the management of IT services for another company and the successful implementation of VOIP technology. These initiatives not only contributed to his professional growth but also underscored his ability to navigate complex technological landscapes effectively.

Among Ron 's proudest accomplishments is his track record of delivering flawless solutions on the first attempt, a testament to his meticulous approach and deep understanding of IT disaster recovery. As the IT industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, Ron remains at the forefront, addressing the challenges of staying current with emerging trends and technologies.

Looking ahead, Ron envisions an IT industry increasingly integral to all business sectors over the next 5-10 years. His enthusiasm for Artificial Intelligence (AI) highlights his anticipation for the transformative impact of new technologies on the future of disaster recovery and business resilience.

For those aspiring to enter the IT industry, Ron advises a combination of academic study and hands-on training as essential for success. He approaches setbacks and challenges with a problem-solving mindset, emphasizing the importance of maintaining composure and seeking effective solutions.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Tony Robbins and Bill Gates, Ron admires their contributions to their respective fields and their embodiment of hard work and innovation. Outside of his professional endeavors, Ron enjoys outdoor activities and maintaining physical fitness, reflecting his commitment to a balanced lifestyle.

As a member of the International Trade Council's Business Councils, Ronald Klink's contributions to the fields of Digital Commerce, Innovation and Technology, and Manufacturing underscore his dedication to advancing business resilience through technology. His leadership and expertise in disaster recovery solutions continue to safeguard businesses, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly digital and unpredictable world.