Ron Qin Luan Gui

Ron Qin Luan Gui

Managing Director of Australasian Registry of Emeregency Medical Technicians

Ron Qin Luan Gui - Member of the Business Council for Digital Commerce


Ron Qin Luan Gui serves as the Managing Director of the Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, a key figure in the international trade council focusing on digital commerce. With extensive experience in global medical education, marketing, accreditation, and trade services, Ron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the industry.

His journey in the field began in 2001 when he established a Global Corporation alongside a Manufacturing Import-Export Agency. Since then, Ron has immersed himself in international trade developments, accreditation standards, medical education, and global emergency medical services networking, leveraging these skills to propel his career forward.

Throughout his career, Ron has spearheaded numerous projects and initiatives, including global EMS education, accreditation, marketing, and collaborations with trade partners worldwide. His dedication and efforts have earned him global recognition and acceptance, of which he takes great pride.

Ron has witnessed significant progress and challenges within the industry over the years. Despite facing obstacles such as costs and competitive medical markets, he remains optimistic about the industry's future. He foresees increased growth and opportunities, particularly with support from key players and trade organizations.

Excited about advancements in medical technology and trade interests, Ron encourages newcomers to the industry to embrace challenges and seek reputable trade partnerships. In the face of setbacks, he remains resilient, striving to overcome obstacles and develop new prospects.


Inspired by the medical associates he has partnered with, Ron finds fulfillment outside of his professional life in Christian fellowship/education, open-air activities, and travel. With his passion for advancing global medical education and trade, Ron Qin Luan Gui continues to make significant contributions to the industry and the international trade council.