Ooi Yeong Boon

Managing Director of Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd

Ooi Yeong Boon: Board Member of the Business Council for Intellectual Property


Ooi Yeong Boon holds a distinguished position as the Managing Director of Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd, where he has established himself as a key figure in international trade and commerce. With a career devoted to the protection and enhancement of Intellectual Property rights, he plays a pivotal role in shaping effective business strategies.

Educational Background:

Ooi Yeong Boon's journey in the Intellectual Property field is underpinned by a solid educational foundation. He holds an LLB in Law from the University of Liverpool, complemented by qualifications as a Registered Agent and a Diploma in International Arbitration.

Pioneering Intellectual Property Consultancy:

As the head of Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd, Ooi Yeong Boon leads a specialist Intellectual Property rights consultancy firm with a presence in Malaysia and Singapore. The firm's expertise encompasses various facets of Intellectual Property, including Patent, Trade Mark, Industrial Design, Copyrights, Franchising, Licensing, and Commercialization. They bring a creative and contemporary approach to their services while adhering to a strong foundation in Malaysian Intellectual Property Law.

The firm's core mission is to place businesses at the forefront of their Intellectual Property strategies, always prioritizing their clients' best interests. They have successfully assisted numerous clients in maximizing the value of their Intellectual Property assets, integrating them seamlessly into their overall business strategies.

Vision for the Future:

Ooi Yeong Boon recognizes the gradual recognition of the importance of Intellectual Property in society. Despite facing challenges from non-registered practitioners and one-person firms, he remains steadfast in his commitment to advancing the industry. He anticipates the transformative potential of automation and AI in the Intellectual Property field, foreseeing a reshaped industry landscape.

Words of Wisdom:

For those entering the field, Ooi Yeong Boon advocates for unity among Intellectual Property firms. He encourages viewing fellow professionals as peers rather than competitors, fostering an environment of mutual learning and growth.

Facing Challenges:

In the face of setbacks, Ooi Yeong Boon's response is characterized by resilience and determination. He rises stronger, using challenges as stepping stones to further success.

Beyond Business:

Outside his professional life, Ooi Yeong Boon finds solace in travel and the simple pleasure of enjoying a well-brewed cup of coffee. His diverse interests reflect a well-rounded personality that values both the intricacies of business and the joys of life's simpler pleasures.

Ooi Yeong Boon stands as a prominent figure in the Intellectual Property field, dedicated to safeguarding and optimizing businesses' most valuable assets. His unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with his forward-thinking vision, solidify his position as a true leader and influencer in the industry.