Md Nazrul Islam


Md Nazrul Islam- Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Md Nazrul Islam, the visionary Co-Founder & CEO of MUSKLY MARTECH LIMITED, embarked on a journey to redefine the B2B SaaS landscape through the transformative power of creative content marketing and SEO-centric TECH DigitalPR strategies. His venture, rooted in the inspirations drawn from Seth Godin's proclamation that "Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left" and Bill Gates' belief in the paramount value of Public Relations like he said- “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on Public Relations (PR)”. Those two quotes has set a new standard in the realm of tech-driven marketing solutions at MUSKLY!

With over a decade of experience across consulting, MarTech, Communication and business journalism  sector, Nazrul's pivot to establishing MUSKLY was fueled by his passion for leveraging technology to democratize access to high-quality marketing and PR services. This shift was not just a career move but a mission to empower software companies and SaaS brands to excel in their digital presence and increasing reputations using the world’s most famous and proven PR model called, PESO Model™ by Gini Dietrich from SpinSucks.

Nazrul's journey is backed by a profound skill set in presentation, storytelling, branding, writing, and brand journalism honed through years of dedication and a deep-seated belief in the power of compelling narratives to drive business success. His approach has not only propelled MUSKLY to the forefront of the industry but also led to the re-designing of the world-renowned PESO Model™, marking a significant contribution to the PR and marketing domain.

Under his leadership, MUSKLY has been recognized by Acquisition International as the "Leading SEO Specialist Creative Content Tech PR Agency 2023 - Bangladesh," a testament to the company's excellence and innovation in delivering results-driven services. This accolade is among the many professional accomplishments Islam holds dear, highlighting his and his team's commitment to elevating brands in the digital arena.

The evolution of the industry, propelled by the advent of the internet and social media, has broadened the horizons of public relations, enabling stories to traverse from offline to online platforms with unprecedented speed and reach. Nazrul has navigated these changes with agility, ensuring MUSKLY stays ahead of digital transformation challenges, including the critical adoption of technology by medical service providers.

Looking ahead, Nazrul envisions a future where data-driven storytelling and authenticity reign supreme, aligning with the consumer's growing demand for genuine and transparent brand communications. His excitement for generative AI and its potential to revolutionize public relations underscores his commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies to enhance MUSKLY's offerings.

To those aspiring to make their mark in the industry, Nazrul advises a steadfast commitment to technology, continuous learning, and an adaptive mindset. His approach to overcoming setbacks—embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation—reflects his resilience and visionary leadership.

Inspired by the likes of Gini Dietrich and the PESO Model™, Nazrul's role as a trailblazer in the PR and marketing field is undisputed. Beyond his professional pursuits, his love for travel and fishing offers a glimpse into the man behind the mission, a leader dedicated not only to transforming businesses but also to enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Md Nazrul Islam's journey from a passionate innovator to the helm of MUSKLY MARTECH LIMITED serves as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the profound impact of strategic content marketing and digital PR in shaping the future of B2B SaaS brands worldwide.