Md Fazlul Hoque

Managing Director of Plummy Fashions Ltd

Md Fazlul Hoque- Deputy Chairperson of the Business Council for Manufacturing


Md. Fazlul Hoque is an accomplished Managing Director with a distinguished career in the manufacturing industry. He has made significant strides in establishing himself as a prominent figure in the sector, particularly within the apparel and fashion domain.

As the esteemed leader of Plummy Fashions Ltd, Md. Fazlul Hoque has played a pivotal role in transforming the company into "The Greenest Composite Knitwear Factory of the World." His expertise encompasses various facets of business, including marketing management, negotiation, strategic business planning, operations management, and an in-depth understanding of the textile industry.

Md. Fazlul Hoque's educational journey is marked by his graduation from the prestigious Institute of Business Administration (IBA) at the University of Dhaka, a testament to his commitment to academic excellence.

Under his visionary leadership, Plummy Fashions Ltd achieved the remarkable feat of earning the coveted LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). This achievement set new industry standards, making Plummy Fashions the world's first knitwear manufacturing unit to attain the LEED Platinum level certification. With an impressive score of 92 points, the company rightfully claims the title of "The Greenest Knitwear Factory of the World."

Beyond his role at Plummy Fashions Ltd, Md. Fazlul Hoque has held influential positions in various prominent organizations. Notably, he served as the President of the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BKMEA) from April 2004 to July 2010, where he made substantial contributions to the growth and development of the knitwear industry.

His dedication to the industry extended to his role as Director of the International Apparel Federation (IAF) from July 2008 to June 2010. During his tenure, he actively participated in international discussions and initiatives, further solidifying his reputation as a global leader in the apparel sector.

Md. Fazlul Hoque's unwavering commitment to the business community is evident through his roles as President of the Bangladesh Employers' Federation (BEF) from August 2011 to July 2013 and Director of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) from July 2010 to November 2012.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Md. Fazlul Hoque remains an engaged alumnus of IBA, Dhaka University, where he continues to contribute to the institution's growth and success.

His enduring passion for innovation and his steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability have positioned him as a distinguished leader in the global manufacturing landscape. Md. Fazlul Hoque's unwavering commitment to excellence and his pivotal role as the Managing Director of Plummy Fashions Ltd underscore his remarkable contributions to the industry. He envisions a more sustainable future for fashion and continues to drive positive change and innovation within the manufacturing sector.

Md. Fazlul Hoque's outstanding achievements, exceptional leadership, and resolute commitment to sustainable practices have earned him a well-deserved place of prominence in the manufacturing industry, where he continues to inspire positive transformation and innovation.