Massimiliano Facchi

CEO of Seven Capital Partners

Massimiliano Facchi- Member of the Business Councils for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Manufacturing and Venture Capital


Massimiliano Facchi stands at the helm of Seven Capital Partners as its CEO, steering the firm through the complex terrains of M&A and corporate finance with unparalleled expertise and visionary leadership. Since embarking on his journey in the industry in 1996, Massimiliano has harnessed his academic background in Business Administration and an MBA in Corporate Finance to spearhead transformative projects and initiatives that have significantly contributed to his and his company's success.

Under his guidance, Seven Capital Partners has been instrumental in creating the largest electronic payment institution in Italy and supporting the business planning of one of the country's largest steel factories. His efforts have not only reshaped the business landscapes of these industries but have also provided invaluable support to companies within the fashion sector, showcasing his versatility and depth of knowledge across different fields.

Massimiliano's career is marked by market recognition and respect from industry players, a testament to his professional integrity, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence. He has witnessed firsthand the evolution of the M&A and corporate finance industry, observing an increase in market involvement from midcap to smallcap companies and a demand for more selective market practices.

In facing the industry's challenges, such as the loss of expertise and a lack of creative approaches, Massimiliano advocates for investing in innovation and maintaining a steadfast dedication to principles such as keeping one's word, independence, and avoiding conflicts of interest. His vision for the future of the industry is one of increased selectivity, where only the most adept and innovative players will thrive.

Massimiliano's advice for newcomers to the industry is to embody these values, ensuring their integrity and independence are never compromised. While he modestly omits his personal hobbies and interests, it's clear that Massimiliano Facchi's professional life is driven by a passion for pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and leading by example in the ever-evolving world of M&A and corporate finance.