Martin Yanev

Vice Chairman of Green Transport Cluster

Martin Yanev- Member of the Business Council for Logistics and Transportation


Martin Yanev serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Green Transport Cluster, a prominent organization operating within the Logistics and Transportation sector. With a profound commitment to advancing intermodal freight and passenger transport, Martin brings nearly 15 years of experience and expertise to the International Trade Council's Business Council on Logistics and Transportation.

In his role as Vice-Chairman, Martin is instrumental in driving the strategic direction and initiatives of the Green Transport Cluster. Established in Sofia in 2011, the cluster is dedicated to uniting efforts for the development of intermodal transport in Bulgaria and abroad.

Martin's journey in the industry began with a passion for transport and logistics, which led him to pursue academic qualifications in industrial management, CAD and technology, and transport management and logistics. Armed with a diverse skill set and international certifications, Martin has emerged as a leader in the field, earning recognition through prestigious awards such as the Logistics Prize of the Year 2020/2021 for Eastern Europe and 40 under 40 entrepreneurs for south-eastern Europe.

Throughout his career, Martin has been involved in numerous key projects and initiatives aimed at optimizing intermodal logistics in the Balkans region. His expertise lies in integrating stakeholders and operators into unified optimization systems for cross-border and terminal operations.

Among his proudest accomplishments is his active participation in transport and logistics councils within the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Martin has also provided consultancy to intermodal freight operators, contributed to legal expertise on transportation issues, and offered engineering solutions for factory relocations. His expertise are also valued as member of the branch organizations board of Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As the industry evolves, Martin remains focused on addressing challenges such as transitioning from road freight transport to combined transport solutions, navigating legislative complexities, and fostering infrastructure development. Looking ahead, he foresees the implementation of AI and automation, along with a focus on shortening supply chains and aligning with environmental initiatives like the Green Deal.

Martin's advice to those entering the industry is to stay proactive, adopt a multi-expertise approach, and keep abreast of global trends and best practices.

In handling setbacks and challenges, Martin emphasizes the importance of teamwork, leveraging expert ecosystems, and combining scientific and practical approaches for effective problem-solving.

Outside of his professional life, Martin enjoys pursuits that enrich his personal growth and well-being, although specific hobbies or interests were not provided.

Martin Yanev's leadership and dedication continue to make significant contributions to the advancement of intermodal transport, positioning the Green Transport Cluster as a driving force within the Logistics and Transportation sector. His commitment to excellence and innovation sets a high standard for industry professionals worldwide.