Lalit Kumar

Director of Nikseam Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Lalit Kumar- Member of the Business Councils for Artificial Intelligence, Banking and Trade Finance, Digital Commerce, Emerging Markets, Foreign Direct Investment, Innovation and Technology, Intellectual Property, Legal, Manufacturing, Mediation and Trade Disputes, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Environment, Venture Capital, and Women in International Trade


Lalitkumar serves as the Director at Nikseam Consultancy Pvt Ltd, a company dedicated to providing outsourcing and offshoring services to streamline business operations. With a deep understanding of various business functions and over 24 years of experience, Lalitkumar has nurtured and incubated more than 51 businesses, leveraging his expertise in outsourcing business strategy, system development, and corrective planning.

With an MBA degree specializing in Human Resources Management, Lalitkumar is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and PMP professional. He is passionate about mentoring MSMEs and startups, continuously upgrading his knowledge and practices to maintain excellence in his professional endeavors.

At Nikseam, Lalitkumar leads a team focused on creating seamless business outsourcing solutions, bringing together people, companies, and communities from across the globe. The company offers services in various categories, including contact center services, finance and accounting, engineering solutions, software development, virtual assistants, RPO services, and professional on-demand solutions.

Throughout his career, Lalitkumar has contributed to the evolution of the BPO industry, embracing advanced technologies such as AI and automation while prioritizing data security and remote work solutions. He acknowledges challenges facing the industry, including data security, managing remote workforces, adapting to rapid technological changes, and meeting client demands for higher-quality services.

Looking ahead, Lalitkumar foresees increased automation, AI integration, enhanced data security measures, and a shift towards specialized and high-value services in the BPO industry. He is particularly excited about trends such as AI-driven customer service, robotic process automation, advanced data analytics, cloud computing, and enhanced cybersecurity measures, which drive efficiency and innovation.

For newcomers to the BPO industry, Lalitkumar emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, staying updated on emerging technologies, developing strong communication skills, delivering exceptional customer service, and prioritizing data security.

In handling setbacks and challenges, Lalitkumar advocates for adaptability, analysis, clear communication, seeking innovative solutions, and focusing on continuous improvement. He finds inspiration in industry leaders like Julie Sweet, Tiger Tyagarajan, and Salil Parekh for their innovative strategies and visionary leadership.

Outside of work, Lalitkumar enjoys exploring new technologies, reading about business innovations, traveling to experience diverse cultures, practicing mindfulness and meditation, and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking.