Kewin Kuriath

CEO of Mobility Aftermarket Private Limited

Kewin Kuriath- Member of the Business Council for Digital Commerce


Kewin Kuriath, the CEO of Mobility Aftermarket Private Limited, is a visionary leader in the mobility domain, driving digital transformation with innovative solutions. With a career spanning over 25 years in the industry, Kuriath brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Kuriath's journey in the mobility sector began immediately after completing his Post Graduation in Management studies, where he was placed into the industry from campus. His unique combination of engineering and management qualifications has been instrumental in shaping his career and guiding him towards success.

Under Kuriath's leadership, Mobility Aftermarket Private Limited is digitalizing the mobility sector with a range of tailored solutions. Despite being a young company, they have already acquired over 75 customers from various stakeholders within the industry, demonstrating Kuriath's ability to drive growth and deliver results.

One of Kuriath's proudest accomplishments is his role in transforming businesses to be future-ready, aligning them with the evolving digital landscape. He has witnessed significant changes in the industry over the years, particularly in the increased receptiveness to digitalization initiatives.

However, challenges such as the speed of deployment and the shortage of capital for growth remain prevalent. Looking ahead, Kuriath envisions the industry evolving towards environmental sustainability, driven by the urgent need for change.

Excited about the potential of AI as a business enabler, Kuriath advises newcomers to the industry to remain open to continuous learning, recognizing that disruptive technological advancements are the new norm.

When faced with setbacks and challenges, Kuriath views them as learning experiences and stepping stones to success. He draws inspiration from role models like Elon Musk, Founder CEO of Tesla, and Narayana Murthy, Founder of Infosys Technologies, who have demonstrated resilience and innovation in their respective fields.

Outside of his professional life, Kuriath enjoys indulging in hobbies such as reading fiction books and listening to music, finding balance and inspiration beyond the confines of the workplace. As he continues to lead Mobility Aftermarket Private Limited into the future, Kuriath remains committed to driving positive change and innovation in the mobility industry.