Karl Miville de Chene

Karl Miville de Chene

Partner of Contacts Monde

Karl Miville de Chene- Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets


Karl Miville de Chene, a Partner at Contacts Monde, brings to the International Trade Council's Emerging Markets council over three decades of unparalleled expertise in international trade. Leading an organization renowned for its advisory role, Contacts Monde has carved a niche in creating high-value economic growth plans that champion the development of emerging markets. Miville de Chene's journey in trade development began in the trenches of a trading house, eventually ascending to leadership roles in national and international trade organizations.

Armed with an MBA and a comprehensive suite of skills honed over 25 years, Miville de Chene has been instrumental in guiding small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canada and globally on export strategies. His dynamic leadership is backed by extensive experience in Enhanced Integrated Framework programs and a profound understanding of trade promotion, trade policy, trade strategy, and e-business development services. Miville de Chene's career is distinguished by his work across diverse geographical landscapes including Asia, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and North America.

Miville de Chene has played pivotal roles in managing economic forums in Canada, such as the Forum économique du Sénégal au Canada and the Salon International des Technologies de l’Information et des Communications Afrique Canada, including their online iterations from 2018 to 2024. His pride lies in training nearly 9,000 individuals from SMEs, large corporations, and trade associations on export and trade, emphasizing the significance of navigating technical barriers to trade, export, business, financial services, and e-commerce.

The industry has evolved dramatically from analog to digital under Miville de Chene's watch, facing the integration of AI in trade as its current biggest challenge. Looking ahead, he envisions Africa emerging as a primary player in the next 5-10 years, with the integration of AI in trade processes sparking his enthusiasm for future technological advancements.

For those embarking on a career in the industry, Miville de Chene advises becoming tech-savvy from the outset, highlighting the importance of adapting to technological innovations. He approaches setbacks and challenges with perseverance and values the collaboration with external partners to navigate through adversities.

Miville de Chene draws inspiration from Benoit Lasalle, CEO at Aya Gold & Silver, admiring his leadership and contribution to the field. Beyond his professional commitments, Miville de Chene finds solace and excitement in flying aircraft, a hobby that reflects his love for exploration and the thrill of navigating uncharted territories.

Karl Miville de Chene's biography is a testament to his significant contributions to trade development, his commitment to fostering economic growth in emerging markets, and his visionary leadership in the International Trade Council's Business Council.