Jangam Vazrakar

Founder of JSK Technologies

Jangam Vazrakar- Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Jangam Vazrakar is the Founder of JSK Technologies, a pioneering force in the realm of IT consulting, data services, and technology solutions. With over a decade of experience, Vazrakar has been instrumental in shaping JSK Technologies into a dynamic and innovative enterprise. As a member of the International Trade Council's Innovation and Technology Business Council, Vazrakar brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to the global business landscape.

At JSK Technologies, Vazrakar's responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of strategic initiatives aimed at driving growth and fostering excellence. He is the visionary behind the company's mission, vision, and long-term strategic objectives, setting clear directions for market expansion and organizational development. Under his stewardship, JSK Technologies has emerged as a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge solutions in IT consultancy, data correction, social media management, and AI training data services.

Vazrakar's leadership style is characterized by a commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence across all facets of the organization. He leads by example, inspiring his team to achieve remarkable results and deliver exceptional value to clients and partners alike. With a keen focus on business development, Vazrakar identifies new opportunities, cultivates strategic partnerships, and navigates the company towards sustainable growth and success.

A graduate of the National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Vazrakar brings a blend of technical expertise and business acumen to his role. His educational background, coupled with years of hands-on experience, equips him with the insights and skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of the technology industry.

Throughout his career, Vazrakar has spearheaded numerous key projects and initiatives that have contributed to JSK Technologies' success and prominence in the market. From pioneering AI training data services to revolutionizing medical billing and coding solutions, his innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have set new benchmarks in the industry.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, Vazrakar remains at the forefront, driving JSK Technologies towards new frontiers of innovation and growth. He envisions a future where precision, compliance, and technical proficiency converge to empower businesses and elevate industries across the globe.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Vazrakar is an avid advocate for continuous learning and personal development. He remains deeply engaged in industry trends, emerging technologies, and market dynamics, ensuring that JSK Technologies remains at the cutting edge of innovation.

In summary, Jangam Vazrakar is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and trailblazer in the field of technology and data services. His unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with his passion for innovation, continues to drive JSK Technologies towards new heights of success and recognition on the global stage.