James Barh Barlee

CEO of LIBSEIB Consultants Group

James Barh Barlee- Member of the Business Council for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

James Barh Barlee, a distinguished member of the International Trade Council's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Business Council, currently leads the LIBSEIB Consultants Group as its CEO. His role is pivotal in advancing management and financial consulting services critical to navigating the complex business and academic landscapes. Through his leadership, LIBSEIB Consultants Group specializes in offering strategic guidance in financial planning, risk management, organizational design, and performance evaluation, vital for the success of their clients by enhancing budgeting, market analysis, and management structures.

Mr. Barlee's commitment to fostering sustainable economic development is evidenced by his efforts to promote and generate funding for entrepreneurs and projects across Africa. His vision extends to facilitating the growth of small and medium-sized businesses in the region, aiming to support projects that are capable of creating jobs, increasing access to education and healthcare, and ultimately improving the overall standard of living in Africa.

His journey in the industry began with years of hands-on experience, providing him with a profound understanding and the necessary knowledge to address industry-specific challenges. Mr. Barlee's educational background includes a degree in International Business Management and Economics at an advanced level, equipping him with the qualifications and skills that have propelled his successful career.

Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Barlee has spearheaded key projects and initiatives such as the importation of oil and gas to enhance the Liberian economy and orchestrating fundraising efforts for a manufacturing company in Botswana. These endeavors highlight his commitment to supporting African enterprises in securing financing for their ventures, whether for startup initiatives or expansions. His tailored services aim to provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire fundraising process, leveraging his team's extensive experience and knowledge of the African market to help clients achieve their financial goals.

The industry has evolved significantly since Mr. Barlee first started, driven by technological advancements, market demands, and shifting consumer preferences. He identifies the challenge of connecting appropriate investment institutions with eligible individuals and projects as a significant hurdle for the industry. However, he is optimistic about the future, anticipating substantial growth and transformation over the next five to ten years, particularly excited about new software systems for shipping and tracing goods, and investment assessment techniques.

For those starting in the industry, Mr. Barlee advises patience, a thorough analysis of the competitive environment, and the development of a sound business strategy tailored to their specific needs. He views setbacks and challenges as opportunities for learning and development, applying this knowledge to enhance performance in subsequent projects.

Outside of his professional life, Mr. Barlee enjoys sports, reading, and traveling, activities that allow him to stay active and broaden his understanding of diverse cultures. His role in the International Trade Council's FDI Business Council underscores his dedication to contributing to global trade relations and economic development, marking him as a leader committed to making a meaningful impact in the industry and beyond.