Gregory Wood

VET Business Trainer & Export Marketing Consultant of MADEC Australia/ Gregory Wood Consulting

Gregory Wood- Members of the Business Council for Intellectual Property


Gregory Wood stands at the confluence of education and international trade, pioneering as a VET Business Trainer and Export Marketing Consultant with MADEC Australia and Gregory Wood Consulting. His journey in the industry is underscored by a rich tapestry of work experience and academic qualifications, including a BA in Social Sciences alongside three Certificate IV qualifications in Training & Assessment, Business, and Leadership & Management.

Gregory's career is a testament to his profound impact on business growth, especially in the realm of international trade. His expertise spans across various sectors, both private and public, and encompasses all sales channels. From nurturing small businesses to steering large corporations, his global experience in selling consumer and industrial goods and services into 100 countries stands as a hallmark of his success.

One of Gregory's most lauded professional accomplishments is his remarkable ability to navigate the complex terrain of international markets, achieving business growth on a global scale. His contributions over the decades have not only propelled companies into new heights of success but have also contributed significantly to the export marketing and education and training industries.

The landscape of these industries has evolved dramatically, particularly through the COVID and post-COVID years, necessitating adaptability and innovation. Gregory identifies the current challenges as pent-up demand, the regeneration of post-COVID supply chains, and rampant inflation. Yet, he envisions a future where supply aligns with demand and inflation stabilizes, harkening back to pre-COVID stability within the next 5-10 years.

Excited about the potential of online management systems and artificial intelligence, Gregory emphasizes the importance of embracing new technologies and trends to stay ahead in the industry. His advice to those starting in the industry underscores the value of travel and active participation in conferences and trade fairs to gain a broad perspective and build a robust network.

Facing setbacks and challenges with honesty, integrity, and hard work, Gregory Wood's approach to problem-solving is both pragmatic and inspirational. While he claims no specific role models, his journey itself is a beacon for aspiring professionals in the fields of education, training, and international trade. Outside his professional endeavors, Gregory enjoys Australian Football League (AFL), cricket, and volunteering at his church, balancing his career with passions that enrich his life beyond the workspace.