Greg Duffell

CEO of Bond Asian Ventures Limited

Greg Duffell- Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence


Greg Duffell is a dynamic CEO of Vulcain Inc. bringing an innovative edge to Artificial Intelligence solutions across various sectors including Insurance, Fintech, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, and Corporate Intellectual Capital. With a remarkable journey spanning over 40 years of entrepreneurial ventures across four continents and a diverse range of industrial sectors, Greg's career is a testament to his resilience and unwavering pursuit of knowledge, even in the face of numerous failures.

Greg's company specializes in capturing, storing, and utilizing knowledge extracted from data to provide insights on risk and opportunities. By leveraging advanced Causal AI, his team elucidates past events, deciphers their causes, and accurately predicts future occurrences, thereby offering invaluable insights to their clients.

His foray into the AI industry is the culmination of decades of entrepreneurial experience, characterized by an early attempt to introduce electric vehicles to Asia in the mid-'90s—a visionary project that was simply ahead of its time. One of Greg's most notable professional accomplishments was his tenure as the youngest CEO of a large travel NGO called PATA. There, he revolutionized a once toxic environment by digitizing the organization and recentering its focus on its membership, rather than its extensive board.

Greg has observed significant evolution in the industry, particularly regarding the exponential growth in data availability, which presents both opportunities and challenges. Today, one of the biggest hurdles he identifies is finding the right balance between machine-driven processes and human oversight.

Looking ahead, Greg anticipates a significant shift towards automation and machine-led processes, which he believes will necessitate a major reevaluation of job markets and the role of human resources. His excitement lies in harnessing the latent knowledge within data and employees to unearth opportunities that enhance wealth and happiness.

For those embarking on a career in AI, Greg advises a synergistic approach that combines AI tools with human creativity and imagination, emphasizing the unique capabilities of the human mind to dream and envision futures that machines cannot.

Facing setbacks with optimism and a focus on positive outcomes, Greg is inspired by his peers and employees, striving to improve their daily lives. Beyond his professional endeavors, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, indulging in culinary experiences, reading physical books, and playing tennis, showcasing a well-rounded personality that complements his professional ambition.

As a member of the Artificial Intelligence Business Council in the International Trade Council, Greg Duffell's leadership and innovative contributions to AI solutions continue to shape the future of multiple industries, making him a respected and influential figure in the global business community.