Gloria Kwartema Hansen Alabi


Gloria Kwartema Hansen Alabi – Member of the Business Council for Women in International Trade

Gloria Kwartema Hansen Alabi stands as a beacon of innovation and dedication in the vocational education and business consultancy sectors. As the Founder of the Affluence Skills Acquisition Program (ASAP Education), Gloria has carved a niche for herself and her organization in providing practical, skill-based learning aimed at equipping students for immediate employment. Under her leadership, ASAP Education has transcended traditional academic paradigms to focus on hands-on training and real-world application, making it a cornerstone for students aiming to transition smoothly into their chosen professions.

Gloria's journey into the vocational training arena was sparked by a keen observation of the skilled labor shortages in various industries. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Operations Management and Human Resources, coupled with a Certificate in Customer Relationship, she leveraged her academic foundation to address these gaps through targeted skill development programs. Her initiative has seen the launch of instructional courses that prioritize practical skills over theoretical knowledge, preparing students for specific job functions and trades.

Throughout her career, Gloria has spearheaded several key projects and initiatives that have significantly contributed to her success and the impact of ASAP Education. Notably, she has organized free training programs for youth in rural areas and has been instrumental in establishing industries where graduates can commence their careers immediately after training. These efforts underscore her commitment to not just education but also to fostering sustainable employment and economic growth.

Gloria's professional accomplishments are numerous, but she humbly attributes her success to Jesus Christ her LORD and Savior. She takes pride in the holistic education of her daughter, the transformation of street youth into educated and self-reliant individuals, and the creation of a supportive team that shares her vision. Her work, deeply rooted in faith and a collaborative spirit, has made a profound difference in the lives of many.

The industry has evolved significantly since Gloria first embarked on this path, especially with the advent of COVID-19, which prompted a strategic shift towards online learning through the ASAPEDUGLOBAL app. This innovation has expanded the reach of ASAP Education, enabling it to cater to students worldwide while maintaining the essence of practical training.

Looking ahead, Gloria envisions an industry where vocational training and practical skills development are pivotal to economic growth. With plans to build industries tailored to the needs of trained professionals, she anticipates a future where ASAP Education becomes the premier source for skilled personnel globally. Excited about the possibilities of online learning and practical training integration, she encourages newcomers to the industry to start their journey without hesitation.

Gloria approaches setbacks and challenges with a positive attitude, viewing them as opportunities for learning and growth. Without specific role models, she draws inspiration from the lessons of those before her and the guiding principles of the Bible, striving to be a role model in her own right. Beyond her professional endeavors, Gloria enjoys watching adventure, science fiction, and thriller movies, finding solace in the simple pleasure of sleep. In her role as a Business Council Member for Women in International Trade within the International Trade Council, Gloria Kwartema Hansen Alabi embodies the spirit of innovation, resilience, and dedication, making significant contributions to the field of vocational education and beyond.