Edmond Mellina

President & Co-Founder of ORCHANGO

Edmond Mellina- Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Edmond Mellina, President & Co-founder of ORCHANGO, is a visionary in the realm of corporate transformation. Under his leadership since 2002, ORCHANGO has become a beacon for organizations aspiring to navigate the tumultuous waters of strategic change and cultural shifts. With a diverse clientele spanning pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, hospitality, and more, ORCHANGO’s mission is to make businesses nimbler in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

Edmond's journey into change management began during the infancy of the field, a time when existing models like John Kotter's “Leading Change” and Prosci's ADKAR were designed for more stable, slow-paced business environments. However, tasked with leading transformations in dynamic, fast-evolving sectors, Edmond quickly realized the need for a new approach—Nimble Change Leadership. This innovative methodology, forged in the crucible of real-world challenges, is perfectly suited to today's constant and disruptive change.

Edmond's academic background includes a Master of Engineering from Centrale Marseille, France, and an Executive Program graduate from Ivey, Canada. His deep understanding of the dynamics of change, combined with a nimble change leadership approach, has empowered countless change-makers and guided organizations like the Islamic Development Bank and GSK Canada through pivotal transformations.

Proud of a 100% success rate in corporate transformations over three decades, Edmond contrasts this remarkable achievement with the industry's average success rate of about 30%. He has witnessed the evolution of change management into what is now an urgent need for nimble change leadership, advocating for a departure from sluggish, template-heavy methodologies to more agile, adaptive strategies.

Facing an industry still clinging to outdated models, Edmond sees the future of change management in the widespread adoption of nimble change leadership. He envisions a shift towards engagement, co-creation, and leveraging the power of emotions, inspired by figures like Dr. Donald Calne and Greta Thunberg, as well as the many change-makers embracing this new era of leadership.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Edmond cherishes time spent with family and outdoor activities, reflecting his French heritage through a passion for food. As a pioneer in change management, Edmond Mellina continues to inspire and lead organizations towards a nimbler, more resilient future.