Dusan Korcak


Dusan Korcak - Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence

Dusan Korcak, the esteemed CEO of iERP, stands at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence Business Council within the International Trade Council. With a revolutionary focus on Generative AI and bespoke AI solutions development and consulting, Korcak has positioned iERP as a beacon of innovation in the industry. Under his visionary leadership, iERP has introduced Contentonic, a flagship AI writer acclaimed globally for its advanced capabilities in podcast creation, translation, paraphrasing, content detection, and fact-checking.

Korcak's journey in the AI domain began over five years ago with a bold vision to democratize AI for users worldwide. Initially catering to large corporations with custom-made solutions, the advent of generative AI transformed iERP's trajectory towards serving a broader market. Today, with proprietary enhancements to Large Language Models (LLMs), iERP serves over 10,000 customers globally, embodying Korcak's vision of AI democratization.

Korcak's unique blend of scientific rigor and business acumen has been pivotal in his career. With a foundation in nuclear science and a business education from Manchester Business School, he has acquired a comprehensive skill set over 15 years in business and IT consulting. This blend of education and experience has empowered him to launch and lead iERP, specializing in digitalization and generative AI consulting.

Significant contributions through projects like digitalization for large enterprises and participation in notable events such as the EU vs Virus hackathon and Dubai Expo 2022 have marked Korcak's career. His leadership has led iERP to win prestigious awards, including the Artificial Intelligence category at the 2023 Go Global Awards.

Korcak has witnessed the transformative impact of large language models and generative AI, recognized both the opportunities and challenged they present, including ethical considerations, data privacy, and regulatory uncertainties. He envisions a future where generative AI will further integrate into various sectors, driven by technological advancements and ethical frameworks.

Excited about the potential of new technologies, Korcak emphasizes the accelerated training of LLMs and the democratization of AI solutions. His advice to newcomers in the industry stresses the importance of identifying real problems and continuously engaging with the latest advancements in AI.

Korcak's resilience in the face of setbacks and challenges is inspired by historical figures and societal icons who demonstrated unwavering dedication to their causes. Outside his professional endeavors, Korcak enjoys marathons, traveling, and staying abreast of technological innovations, reflecting a well-rounded personality committed to both personal and professional growth.

As a member of the International Trade Council's Artificial Intelligence Business Council, Dusan Korcak's contributions to the field of generative AI are not only innovative but also instrumental in shaping the future of technology and business.