David Luna

VP Global Sales and Distribution of Knight Electronics/ORION Fans

David Luna - Board Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets


David Luna, a seasoned professional with over four decades of experience, is a distinguished Board Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets within the International Trade Council. He currently holds the position of VP Global Sales and Distribution at Knight Electronics/ORION Fans.

David's journey in the industry began in 1984 when he joined Knight Electronics/ORION Fans as a young Sales Engineer. With unwavering dedication and expertise, he steadily climbed the corporate ladder, ultimately reaching the esteemed role of VP Global Sales and Distribution.

Knight Electronics/ORION Fans operates within a broad spectrum of industries, including industrial automation, medical, computer/networking, food equipment, EV/IoT, transportation, kiosks, and displays. Their approach involves working with local franchised stocking Distributors to support these industries effectively.

Orion Fans, a global manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, specializes in crafting standard and custom thermal management solutions. Their offerings encompass AC, EC, and DC fans, fan accessories, fan trays, blowers, and motorized impellers. With engineering, sales, and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Orion Fans has earned a reputation for delivering quality engineered cooling products and assemblies to a wide range of industries and applications.

David Luna's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University and an Executive MBA from SMU. These qualifications, coupled with his extensive experience, have been pivotal in shaping his successful career.

Throughout his professional journey, David has spearheaded numerous key projects, notably setting up a global network of distributors spanning North America and EMEA. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to his role have led to significant accomplishments, including winning awards such as Top Exporter of The Year with the District Export Council, Global Chamber of Commerce, and the International Trade Council.

Reflecting on the evolution of the industry, David emphasizes that it remains centered on relationship selling and solutions selling. While technological advancements like AI and IoT are emerging, the need for thermal management solutions remains paramount.

In the face of industry challenges, particularly in maintaining inventory and production to meet global demand, David's company stands out with the largest uncommitted inventory and the shortest lead times in the industry.

Looking forward, David envisions an industry that continues to embrace smart technologies, electric and alternative energy sources, and the growing influence of IoT and AI across various sectors.

Outside of his professional life, David enjoys hobbies such as bowling, hiking, and traveling, all while cherishing quality time with his wife. As a respected member of the International Trade Council's Business Council for Emerging Markets, David Luna's contributions to international trade and supply chain management are exemplary and inspiring.