Arwin Sharma

Director of Odyssea Globale Ltd., Equator Odyssey Sdn. Bhd., SIDS Tourism Organizations Sdn. Bhd.

Arwin Sharma - Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets, Innovation and Technology, Intellectual Property, and International Trade Policy


Arwin Sharma, Managing Director for Odyssea Globale Ltd., Equator Odyssey Sdn. Bhd. & SIDS Tourism Organizations Sdn. Bhd., is affiliated with Emerging Markets, Innovation and Technology, Intellectual Property, and International Trade Policy with the International Trade Council.

Arwin's journey began through engagements with various regional governmental organizations - ASEAN, BIMSTEC, IORA, OIC, SAARC and PIF.

With a foundation rooted on legitimate experiences from the "School of Hard Knocks" and "University of Life," Arwin brings a unique yet colossal blend of experiences, expertise, knowledge and skills complementing his achievements and on-going endeavours in various parts of the world.

Arwin has spearheaded projects across the African Continent, Indian Ocean archipelago, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Oman, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam, focused on optimizing existing economic structures building accompanying economic clusters aiding multiple industries.

Arwin humbly acknowledges that success often arises from navigating through failures.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, Arwin notes unprecedented growth in multiple areas, yet sees untapped potential in intellectual property exploration. He identifies trust as the most valuable commodity and envisions the industry's future embracing avant-garde ideas and innovation to address economic, environmental, and social challenges.

Arwin is particularly excited about the unprecedented potential of intellectual properties and technological deployment shaping selective industry's trajectory in the coming years. His advice to newcomers echoes the principle of starting small and embracing every setback as a learning opportunity.

Inspired by figures like Madanjeet Singh Gill, Sonam Wangchuk, and his father, Arwin finds solace and enrichment outside of his professional life through voracious reading. With his multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication, Arwin continues to make significant contributions to the creative industry and beyond.