Arif Esa

CEO of moneyIN Global | Cable Exchange Group

Arif Esa - Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Banking & Trade Finance


Meet Arif Esa, an industry luminary and the Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Banking & Trade Finance within the International Trade Council. With a visionary approach, Arif has shaped the landscape of international trade, supply chains, transparency, and logistics.

As the CEO of moneyIN Global and Cable Exchange Group, Arif's contributions extend far and wide. Cable Exchange Group is a multifaceted organization serving as a consultancy, asset management firm, and an innovative infrastructure finance entity. Their mission is deeply impactful: to combat poverty by delivering pioneering infrastructure projects in some of the world's most impoverished and fragile regions, fostering economic growth and improving lives. With a global presence spanning 40 countries, Cable Exchange Group's commitment to professionalism, ethics, safety, and reliability has made it a trusted player in the oil and energy market.

Arif's brainchild, the moneyIN platform, represents the vanguard of digital transformation in North Africa's mobility ecosystem. This groundbreaking digital wallet is ushering in a cashless society, revolutionizing financial experiences for millions. The platform's emphasis on global financial inclusion redefines the role of fintech, offering a unified consumer experience that extends beyond traditional boundaries.

Arif's journey in the industry is as fascinating as it is inspiring. It began in the aviation sector, where he honed his skills in complex systems and critical decision-making. From there, he transitioned into government consulting, advising on banking infrastructure for various governments. Witnessing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, he ventured into investing in blockchain companies, gaining firsthand experience in their disruptive capabilities. Arif's passion for financial freedom for all led to the launch of a digital bank that prioritizes autonomy through low fees, cashback rewards, and innovative blockchain solutions. His commitment extends beyond platform creation; Arif has taken on the role of an educator, empowering users to break free from traditional banking constraints.

Arif's educational background and skills have been instrumental in his career. With a B-Tec in Business Studies and a profound understanding of oil and gas, exploration, and alternative financing, he stands out as an expert in the field. Excelling in alternative financing, he managed a substantial fund of 10 billion USD, which proved invaluable as he embarked on nation-rebuilding efforts in war-torn territories. Arif's career demonstrates the power of experiential learning and adaptability across industries.

Some of Arif's most notable accomplishments include his pivotal role in the Sudan Peace Treaty, spearheading African infrastructure and banking development, and his proficiency in managing substantial funds. He has received accolades such as being honored as the Most Influential CEO in 2022 and 2023 and receiving global awards for pioneering blockchain and digital banking innovations. Arif's visionary banking platform promises to redefine financial services, emphasizing empowerment, affordability, and instantaneous global transactions.

Reflecting on the evolution of the industry since he first started, Arif highlights the dramatic advancements in diplomacy, African infrastructure, and banking. Fund management has embraced technological strides, and fintech and blockchain have flourished. Advising prominent figures in uncertain times has further underscored his influence. However, his revolutionary banking platform is the most significant transformation, promising empowerment, cost-efficiency, and seamless global transactions.

As for the challenges facing the industry today, Arif notes the need for heightened cooperation in diplomacy amid geopolitical complexities. African infrastructure and banking systems require sustainable strategies for inclusive growth. Managing funds in volatile markets demands astute decision-making. Fintech and blockchain must keep pace with innovation. However, the foremost challenge is the ever-changing financial ecosystem, a challenge that Arif's platform addresses head-on.

In the next 5-10 years, Arif envisions fintech undergoing a transformative journey, with technology and diplomacy intersecting to foster global financial cooperation. African infrastructure and banking will continue to flourish, and fund management will evolve with AI-driven strategies. Arif's role as an Influential CEO will amplify, steering blockchain and fintech into uncharted territories. His revolutionary banking platform heralds an era of empowerment, cross-border ease, and financial liberation.

Arif is particularly excited about blockchain technology's potential to revolutionize transparency, security, and efficiency across industries. It can reshape payment systems, enhance data integrity, and streamline cross-border transactions, all of which align with his vision.

For those starting in the industry, Arif emphasizes cultivating a deep understanding of the landscape, embracing change and technological advancements, networking, adaptability, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of one's vision. He encourages them to draw inspiration from his journey, which began with a vision to empower individuals.

When setbacks and challenges arise, Arif approaches them with resilience, focusing on solutions, learning from each experience, and surrounding himself with a capable team and mentors. He sees setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Outside of his professional life, Arif cherishes time with his family, values tracking and adventures, and enjoys exploring new landscapes and immersing himself in nature. These pursuits offer a balanced and fulfilling life beyond the demands of business.