Ekaterine Dojurishvili

Founder of Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho

Meet Ekaterine Dojurishvili, a distinguished member of the International Trade Council and the visionary Founder of Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho. Ekaterine's unwavering dedication to preserving culinary heritage, promoting regional specialties, and nurturing agritourism has transformed her into a trailblazer in the dairy processing and gastronomy industry.

Ekaterine's journey began with a profound reverence for her grandmother's legacy, rooted in the art of crafting traditional Georgian cheese known as Dambalkhacho. This passion ignited the spark to resurrect the time-honored techniques of cheese production and share them with the world.

Armed with an economist's acumen and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Ekaterine embarked on her gastronomic odyssey. Her diverse work experience, from accounting and sales management to promoting services, laid a solid foundation for Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho.

Ekaterine's dedication to authenticity bore fruit as she rekindled the love for Dambalkhacho cheese, a treasure passed down through generations. Her commitment has earned the trust and adoration of customers, paving the way for the resurrection of forgotten traditions.

Under Ekaterine's leadership, Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho not only rekindles a culinary tradition but also fosters regional pride. By making Dambalkhacho available to consumers and introducing it as a culinary ambassador, she fuels interest in regional cuisine and stimulates local entrepreneurship.

Ekaterine's commitment to sustainability is evident in her innovative practices. The incorporation of renewable energy sources and bio-sewage systems demonstrates her unwavering dedication to both business growth and environmental stewardship.

In the face of industry challenges, Ekaterine's approach is rooted in resilience and optimism. She views setbacks as stepping stones to greater achievements, unwavering in her belief that every obstacle can be surmounted with determination and creative solutions.

Ekaterine envisions a vibrant future for the Georgian cheese industry, anticipating a surge in diverse cheese varieties, including her own Dambalkhacho. With an eye on the global market, Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho competes alongside renowned international cheeses, carving its place on the world stage.

Ekaterine's advice to budding entrepreneurs is a testament to her wisdom and passion. She emphasizes the importance of purpose-driven endeavors, urging newcomers to blend their love for their work with the courage to overcome challenges.

When she's not orchestrating gastronomic revolutions, Ekaterine finds joy in traveling to explore diverse cultures, capturing moments through her lens, and immersing herself in the realms of theater, poetry, and music.