Anton Toni Agung

Founder of

Anton Toni Agung is the visionary Founder of and a distinguished member of the International Trade Council. With a strong background in IT, Anton has made significant contributions to the media industry through his innovative approach to publishing news, opinions, reviews, and tutorials. As the driving force behind, Anton has embarked on a journey to provide reliable and valuable information to users while embracing new technologies and industry trends. is a platform that initially started as a listing website in 2020, aimed at helping people find the right places as an alternative to unreliable platforms like Google Maps. In 2021, the company shifted its focus to tutorials and reviews, particularly on topics such as WordPress and Linux. Furthermore, has expanded its coverage to include news about Web3 and has established partnerships with renowned companies like DailySocial and FlexClip. Anton's commitment to delivering accurate and helpful content has contributed to the growth and success of

Anton's IT background has played a crucial role in his career, enabling him to produce comprehensive tutorials and reviews on topics related to websites, Linux, and other software. His involvement in open-source projects, such as translation work for WP theme HivePress and WPForms, has been instrumental in his professional accomplishments. Anton's dedication to continuous learning is evidenced by his completion of the Reuters Digital Journalism Foundations Course, further enhancing his skills and expertise in the media industry.

Financial challenges have been a significant hurdle for Despite operating for over three years, the company relies on personal funding, and generating sustainable revenue has been a persistent challenge. Anton has explored various revenue streams, including Google AdSense, crowdfunding platforms like Ko-fi, and local platforms like Nih Buat Jajan. In the next 5-10 years, he envisions a focused effort on revenue generation, potentially leading to the expansion of the team by hiring employees and journalists.

Anton is particularly excited about web technologies, especially in the realm of Headless CMS, which offers new possibilities for His advice to aspiring individuals in the industry is to acquire a strong foundation in technology, journalism, and the art of writing to establish a successful media business.

In the face of setbacks and challenges, Anton adopts a proactive approach centered around continuous learning. He never stops expanding his knowledge in his areas of focus to navigate obstacles and overcome challenges. He draws inspiration from renowned media outlets like The Verge, Geekflare, and WPBeginner, as well as individuals such as Abhishek Prakash and It's FOSS.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Anton's hobbies and interests revolve around history. He maintains a personal website,, where he delves into topics related to Indonesian history, politics, and society, showcasing his passion for understanding and sharing insights beyond his professional life.

Anton Toni Agung's unwavering dedication to delivering valuable information, embracing technological advancements, and navigating challenges with a growth mindset makes him an invaluable member of the International Trade Council.