Hanson J Ansary

Hanson J Ansary

President & CEO of Global Management Services, Inc.

Hanson J Ansary is a prominent member of the International Trade Council and serves as the President & CEO of Global Management Services, Inc. With a wealth of experience in the international event planning industry, Hanson has positioned his company as a leading provider of corporate event planning services worldwide. Known for his commitment to excellence and exceptional client care, Hanson's unique perspective and passion have contributed to his success in international trade and business.

Global Management Services, Inc. (GMS) is a renowned international corporate event planning company operating in the broader hospitality sector. GMS specializes in planning and producing corporate events of all scales, ranging from simple meetings to elaborate product launches and incentive programs worldwide. Under Hanson's leadership, GMS has gained recognition as a trusted partner for milestone corporate events, earning the trust of Fortune 500 companies and solidifying its position in the industry.

Hanson's career is marked by his dedication to education and continuous learning. Holding a PhD in business, his academic background has laid a strong foundation for his professional journey. Hanson's ability to recognize the strengths of his company and leverage its reputation, which spans over 27 years, has been instrumental in his accomplishments. He takes pride in working alongside talented professionals and successfully orchestrating synergistic acquisitions to further enhance GMS's leadership position.

Throughout his career, Hanson has witnessed the significant evolution of the event planning industry. From relying on traditional communication methods to embracing state-of-the-art digital platforms, companies that failed to adapt to the digital revolution have faded away. However, the industry continues to face challenges, including the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the economic implications of operating in an inflationary era. Hanson emphasizes the importance of adapting to new technologies and maintaining a focus on customer care to thrive in the evolving landscape.

Hanson envisions AI playing a crucial role in the industry's future, potentially automating certain aspects of event planning. Additionally, he anticipates new product innovations that could impact the physical tools used in producing elaborate events. Embracing these technologies will be essential for staying at the forefront of the industry's evolution.

For aspiring professionals in the industry, Hanson underscores the significance of passion and creativity. He believes that genuine commitment, combined with the ability to bounce back from setbacks, is vital for success in the entrepreneurial environment. Hanson's own resilience and determination have enabled him to overcome challenges and achieve his goals.

Hanson draws inspiration from industry leaders and professionals who demonstrate a relentless drive for success. Beyond his professional life, he finds solace in hiking and gardening, which allow him to connect with nature and create a sense of everyday serenity.

Hanson J Ansary's exceptional leadership in corporate event planning, commitment to customer care, and adaptability to industry changes make him an esteemed member of the International Trade Council. His passion for excellence and dedication to fostering successful business relationships contribute to the growth and success of Global Management Services, Inc.