The Women in International Trade Business Council (WIITBC) within the International Trade Council is a dynamic and dedicated body championing the cause of women in the global commerce arena. Recognizing the unique challenges and barriers faced by women in international trade, the WIITBC aims to empower, support, and promote female professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders. By fostering a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and advocacy, the council seeks to create an inclusive trade environment where women's contributions are acknowledged, celebrated, and amplified.


  • Robin Headlee, Ex-Managing Director / Current Chair & NED, Ex-Discovery Education / Current Various [LinkedIn]

Deputy Chairperson:

Board Members:

Areas of Focus:

  • Empowerment Initiatives: Launch and support programs aimed at empowering women to take up leadership roles, navigate trade challenges, and maximize their contributions to global commerce.
  • Education & Training: Organize seminars, workshops, and training sessions tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of women in the international trade sector.
  • Networking Opportunities: Create events and platforms for women to connect, collaborate, and form strategic partnerships, ensuring their collective growth and influence in trade.
  • Mentorship Programs: Pair emerging female professionals and entrepreneurs with seasoned experts in the field, facilitating knowledge exchange and guidance.
  • Research & Data Collection: Undertake studies to understand the evolving role of women in international trade, highlighting areas of success and pinpointing barriers that still exist.
  • Advocacy & Policy Influence: Work with governments and international bodies to promote policies that support and advance the interests of women in trade.
  • Recognition & Awards: Institute awards and recognitions that spotlight and celebrate the achievements of women who have made significant impacts in the field of international trade.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Partner with organizations, institutions, and agencies to further the cause of women in international trade, pooling resources and expertise.
  • Inclusion & Diversity: Promote the importance of a diverse and inclusive trade environment, emphasizing the immense value women bring to the table in global commerce.

Outputs of the Business Council:

  • Research Reports
  • Webinars
  • Legislative Recommendations
  • Thought-Pieces / Blog Posts
  • Participation in Industry Events
  • Collation of Industry News
  • Mentoring