Violet Abdulkadir

Chief Executive Officer of Time-Tell Nigeria Limited.

Violet Abdulkadir is the Chief Executive Officer of Time-Tell Nigeria Limited., and member of the International Trade Council, a woman-owned enterprise operating in various areas of business. Time-Tell Nigeria specializes in corporate gift and branding merchandising, retail solutions, and textiles. With a focus on creating innovative solutions for brand promotions and market penetration, Violet and her team strive to meet customer needs within budget and timelines, using locally available resources. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is at the core of their brand promise.

Time-Tell Nigeria Limited offers a range of services, including brand promotions, customer appreciation, market penetration, and retail solutions. They create unique solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their customers, utilizing local resources and promoting made in Nigeria products. Additionally, Time-Tell Nigeria produces promotional wears, such as T-shirts, Polo’s, PPE’s and afrocentric wears under the brand name "Afrikoncept," combining cotton fabrics with local authentic handmade fabrics to create Afrocentric wears. They also design and build point-of-sale and retail kiosks, utilizing locally available aluminum profiles to support market penetration strategies.

Violet's passion for innovation and problem-solving has driven her business's evolution over time, addressing identified gaps in the industry. With an MBA in business management, Violet brings her educational background and expertise to her role in leading successful trade missions, creating innovative market penetration solutions, and promoting women empowerment through the "Afrikoncept" fashion brand. She has partnered with Lagos Business School to train SMEs on sustainable practices and export readiness and has been honored with a DBA by the Swiss School of Business and Management in Geneva for exceptional leadership, innovation, and business management.

Violet acknowledges that the industry has experienced significant evolution since she first started. Key challenges currently facing the industry include the implementation of sustainable practices and environmental considerations in raw material sourcing and production.

Violet envisions Africa dominating the fashion industry in the next 5-10 years. She anticipates the emergence of more automated production processes and is excited about the potential of technologies such as ChatGPT, 3D signages, fashion display, and the emergence of virtual stores.

For those starting in the industry, Violet advises aspiring professionals to prioritize ethical practices and seek mentorship to reduce mistakes. She handles setbacks and challenges by channeling them into innovative solutions, maintaining a drive to continuously improve and avoid complacency.

Violet draws inspiration from industry figures such as Amrod for gift and promotion and Atinuke Smith for fashion. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and dancing.

Violet Abdulkadir's commitment to innovation, sustainable practices, and promoting local resources in the industry contributes to international trade and the growth of Time-Tell Nigeria Limited. Her leadership, achievements, and passion for creating unique solutions have positioned her as a valuable member of the International Trade Council.