Rafael Molho

Managing Director of Tradecoup Ltd

Meet Rafael Molho, a distinguished member of the International Trade Council and the visionary Managing Director of TradeCoup Ltd. With a profound dedication to strategic sourcing and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Rafael is transforming the industry by optimizing cost purchasing and driving business profitability.

Rafael's journey into strategic sourcing commenced within a family business, where he honed his skills in purchasing. This early exposure ignited his passion for sourcing solutions and sparked a journey that would redefine the way companies approach procurement.

At TradeCoup Ltd, Rafael leads a dynamic team dedicated to cost reduction in order to amplify companies' profits. Leveraging his extensive global networking and entrepreneurial acumen, he orchestrates projects that redefine purchasing strategies and empower businesses to thrive.

Rafael's diverse experience, coupled with his global network, positions him as a sought-after expert in the industry. His proficiency lies not only in finding products but in curating solutions that align with clients' unique needs.

Having witnessed the evolution of the sourcing landscape, Rafael notes the industry's booming growth. Amid this expansion, challenges in supply chain management have emerged, prompting innovative solutions and reshaping procurement paradigms.

Rafael's visionary outlook anticipates an industry shift toward the outsourcing model, focusing on professional procurement and cost optimization. He is particularly excited about the integration of AI and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, which promise to usher in an era of transformative possibilities.

To aspiring professionals, Rafael's advice is to embrace connectivity and holistic solutions. He encourages newcomers to recognize that success transcends price considerations, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a keen eye for problem-solving.

Rafael's approach to challenges is marked by unwavering optimism and a commitment to finding solutions. He firmly believes that every setback is an opportunity for a new perspective, exemplifying his resourcefulness and resilience.

Rafael draws inspiration from Tim Cook, an iconic figure in the business world. Tim Cook's transformative leadership and innovative thinking resonate deeply with Rafael's own approach to driving change and innovation.

Outside his professional pursuits, Rafael finds joy in a range of hobbies, from indulging in tennis matches to enjoying captivating movies and basketball games. This balance between work and leisure reflects his multifaceted personality and zest for life.