Nursyamsu Mahyuddin

Chief Executive Officer of NUSAGRI Group of Companies

Meet Nursyamsu Mahyuddin, a distinguished member of the International Trade Council and Chief Executive Officer of the visionary business group, NUSAGRI Group of Companies. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and growth, Nursyamsu's journey is a testament to his impact on the agricultural industry and international marketing.

Under Nursyamsu's leadership, the Nusagri Group of Companies operates across a dynamic spectrum, from Hydroponic Agriculture to Tissue Culture Plant Seedling, and from Pheromones for Plant Protection to the Charcoal Industry, Agricultural Soil Conditioners, Organic Fertilizers, Feed Additives, Sanitation Agents In Fish Ponds and now entering the business of Land Reforestation And Renewable Energy From Plants. This diversified approach, complemented by Training and Education, is a demonstration of his dedication to agricultural modernization and international market development.

Nusagri Group's mission extends beyond production. Nursyamsu's focus on agricultural technology and eco-friendly products, such as organic fertilizers and plant protection solutions, underscores his commitment to sustainable practices and a healthier environment as well as global market development.

Nursyamsu's journey began by assisting farmers to tap into modern markets and embrace exports. This experience laid the foundation for venturing into technological agriculture. His academic pursuits, including a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture Technology and a Master's Degree in Management for Natural Resource & Environment, equipped him with a unique skill set to drive innovation.

Nursyamsu's impact reaches far beyond his companies. His pioneering efforts in opening export markets for Indonesian agricultural products and fostering Smart Farming in Indonesia demonstrate his dedication to industry-wide progress. He also empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the global market landscape through training initiatives.

Nursyamsu's achievements are a testament to his tenacity. Starting an Export Business at the young age of 20 showcases his drive, determination, and visionary mindset.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, Nursyamsu notes its continuous growth and the increasing number of entrepreneurs embracing innovation. He envisions a future driven by the development of agricultural technology to meet the rising demand for quality and healthy food then environmental friendly bioenergy.

Excitingly, Nursyamsu looks forward to the application of artificial intelligence in agricultural technology. This cutting-edge trend promises to revolutionize how we approach farming.

Nursyamsu's advice to newcomers is straightforward: Master the technology and build the market. His journey exemplifies the power of knowledge and market understanding.

In the face of challenges, Nursyamsu turns adversity into opportunity by boosting productivity, enhancing efficiency, and fostering collaborations.

Nursyamsu draws inspiration from his teachers at Bogor Agriculture University in Indonesia, who have guided his path in the agricultural field.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nursyamsu finds fulfillment in sharing experiences and knowledge with young entrepreneurs. His commitment to education and growth knows no bounds.