Marat Basyrov

Marat Basyrov

CEO/Founder of Adevi

Marat Basyrov is an accomplished CEO and Founder who actively contributes to the International Trade Council. As the CEO and Founder of Adevi, a SaaS platform for software development teams, Marat is dedicated to improving efficiency, collaboration, and productivity in the software development industry. With a focus on capturing knowledge, promoting best practices, and providing automation and visibility, Adevi empowers project managers and teams to deliver high-quality software projects. Marat's expertise in business management, project management, and IT architecture has played a significant role in the success of Adevi.

Adevi offers a collaborative platform for software development teams, streamlining processes, promoting knowledge sharing, and enhancing project governance. With the support of an AI assistant, Adevi increases productivity, saves time, and fosters team engagement. The platform enables companies to achieve remarkable success by delivering high-quality, bespoke software projects efficiently.

Marat's journey in the industry began in 2012 when he established a software development company. Through his experience managing multiple projects and teams, he recognized the need for streamlined processes, effective communication, and improved collaboration. The challenges faced in the software development landscape inspired the development of Adevi, with a focus on addressing the underlying issues causing project failures. Marat's education in business management, project management, and IT architecture has provided a strong foundation for his career.

Marat has designed and developed over 130 projects for various clients, demonstrating his expertise and contributions to the industry. He takes pride in building strong teams, establishing long-term relationships, and developing frictionless business processes. His revenue and sales achievements have allowed him to bootstrap Adevi and provide valuable solutions that save money and improve market positioning for clients. Marat's patent registrations for Adevi highlight his commitment to innovation and problem-solving.

The software development industry has evolved with the acceptance of remote work and the availability of cloud computing and AI technologies. However, challenges remain, such as scaling consultancy businesses and ensuring accurate documentation in process-driven software development.

Marat envisions the future of software development shifting focus from code to aspects such as documentation, business differentiation, innovation, market positioning, and business models. He is particularly excited about the potential of blockchain and AI technologies in the industry.

Marat's approach to setbacks and challenges involves taking one step at a time and maintaining a focused mindset. By staying focused and persevering, he navigates through challenges to achieve success.

Marat draws inspiration from visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, who has challenged various industries and made significant contributions.

Outside of his professional life, Marat enjoys various sports activities such as swimming, running, and going to the gym. He also finds enjoyment in reading and watching science fiction.

Marat Basyrov's leadership in the software development industry and his commitment to improving processes, collaboration, and productivity through Adevi exemplify his valuable contribution to the International Trade Council and the industry as a whole.