Jeevan G Raosahib

Jeevan G Raosahib

Director of Indelox Services Private Limited

Jeevan G Raosahib is a dynamic figure in the international trade sector, currently serving as the Director of Indelox Services Private Limited. With a robust background in supply chain services for cross-border trade, Jeevan and his team specialize in managing import supplies from origin to destination, including customs bonded warehouse storage, compliance of regulations for supply, and distribution of imported goods. His venture into entrepreneurship began in the year 2000, fueled by a passion for commercial and supply-related functions after over two decades of experience in manufacturing and trading organizations.

Educationally, Jeevan boasts a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and a management program from the Indian Institute of Management Bengaluru. His expertise is further solidified by his qualification as a Customs Broker and his experience managing a company with 150 people, serving customers from across the globe. His dedication to the industry is evident through his nomination to the World Customs Organization in Brussels, representing the private sector and contributing significantly to international trade dialogues.

Under Jeevan's leadership, Indelox has managed and supported several multinational corporations to set up operations in India, especially in the life sciences sector, with an expanding service footprint in the aerospace and defense sectors. He takes pride in his role in these initiatives, which have not only contributed to his professional success but also to the growth and success of these enterprises in India.

Reflecting on the evolution of the industry, Jeevan notes the simplification of regulations and the emergence of new challenges such as environmental, health, and safety standards, forced labor, and security. He identifies non-tariff barriers and the growth of e-commerce as current significant challenges facing the industry. Looking ahead, Jeevan anticipates a balancing act between protectionist measures and the demands of global trade, foreseeing trade under pressure from geopolitical tensions and regulatory trends.

Jeevan is particularly excited about the growth of e-commerce and the adoption of technology for paperless processes at borders, which promise transparency and speed in the movement of goods. He advises newcomers to the industry to stay open to new ideas and to adapt early to gain a first-mover advantage.

In facing setbacks and challenges, Jeevan values learning from experts, observing market experiences, and maintaining a network of peers for advice and discussion. He draws inspiration from industry giants like Narayana Murthy of Infosys and Ratan Tata of the Tata Group, embodying their values of innovation, leadership, and commitment to social responsibility.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeevan has a rich personal life filled with music, art, and reading. His interests span across all forms of art and any topic that can enhance his thoughts, reflecting a well-rounded and deeply curious individual.