Zarean Qania Samael

Investor of Larry Company

Zarean Qania Samael - Member of the Business Council for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)


Zarean Qania Samael, the visionary Proprietor and driving force behind Larry Company, has emerged as a distinguished figure in the realm of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on the International Trade Council. With a narrative that weaves through the challenges of starting a company in post-war Iraq, Samael's journey from dream to reality is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the unyielding pursuit of global recognition.

Founded in the wake of 2003's turbulent times, Larry Company began as Samael's ambition to transcend the barriers imposed by a war-stricken landscape. His foresight and determination saw the company not just survive but thrive, becoming a pioneer in rebuilding Iraq's cities and establishing the first giant biscuit factory, First Cake, marking a significant milestone in the country's industrial revival.

Samael's educational journey, encompassing an English course, business course, charisma course, finance course, and exposure to the United States, laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial success. His involvement in notable projects like the Grand Millennium Hotel in Sulaymaniyah and other prestigious ventures across Iraq underscores his contribution to the nation's redevelopment and luxury sector.

Proudly, Samael's accomplishments extend beyond the borders of Iraq. Larry Company's recognition at the 2023 GoGlobalAwards and membership in the International Trade Council highlight its ascent to international prominence. Such achievements are milestones in Samael's career, symbolizing the transformation of a local enterprise into a global contender.

In an industry that has evolved rapidly, Larry Company stands out for its quality, innovation, and strategic partnerships with European entities, propelling it to early fame and significant projects. The challenge now is to expand further, transcending regional success to become an international and investment force in Europe and the USA.

Excited about the future, Samael is particularly intrigued by the potential of AI systems that empower customers to design their desires, signaling a shift towards more personalized and interactive service offerings. His advice to newcomers in the industry—to create indispensable products—reflects his philosophy of becoming a necessity rather than an option.

Facing setbacks with a strategy centered on digital marketing, advertising, and competitive pricing, Samael navigates challenges with a focus on artistry and essential value. His ambition is not just to succeed but to redefine necessity in the market, aiming to make Larry Company an integral part of people's lives.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Samael harbors aspirations to invest in the USA and enjoy its culture and landscapes, reflecting his global perspective and personal ambitions. His journey, marked by a blend of artistic vision and strategic business acumen, continues to inspire and shape the future of Larry Company and its role in the International Trade Council's FDI Business Council.