Yassir Mossttafa

CEO of Gabani Store Corporation

Yassir Mossttafa- Member of the Business Council for Logistics and Transportation

Yassir Mossttafa, serving as CEO, is a prominent member of the Logistics and Transportation Business Council within the International Trade Council. With a vision for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Yassir leads Gabani Store Corporation, a technology-driven e-commerce trading company, as its Founder and CEO.

Gabani Store Corporation operates as a digital marketing platform specializing in consumer and digital products, catering to diverse clientele including individuals, families, and businesses. Since its establishment in 2013 in Omdurman Khartoum, Sudan, the company has undergone significant evolution under Yassir's leadership. Originally focusing on importing garments, shoes, and beauty products from China through Alibaba, the company rebranded to Gabani Store in 2017 and expanded its presence by establishing a Canada office in British Columbia in 2019.

Yassir's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Good Soil Technology & Land Reclamation from the University of Khartoum, Sudan, and an Associate Degree in Computer Science from Omdurman Institute for Office & Secretarial Practice, Omdurman, Sudan. Additionally, he has acquired certifications in Fleet & Transportation Management, Transportation & Logistics & Distribution (CTLD), Fire Fighting, HSE Awareness & Orientation, and Defensive Driving, enhancing his expertise in logistics and transportation operations.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning over 18 years in the oil & gas sector across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain, Yassir has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic planning skills. He is recognized as a dynamic and result-oriented professional, adept at engaging teams to achieve key performance indicators and drive revenue-generating objectives. Yassir's expertise extends to global logistic considerations, customs processes, sourcing, inventory control, and vendor management.

Reflecting on the evolution of the logistics and transportation industry, Yassir acknowledges significant advancements in technology and processes over the years. From the agrarian era to the fourth industrial revolution, the industry has witnessed transformative changes, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Despite the industry's progress, Yassir recognizes the challenges it currently faces, including digital transformation, global competition, sustainability concerns, and talent acquisition. However, he remains optimistic about the industry's future, anticipating further integration of technology, automation, and sustainable practices.

In his spare time, Yassir enjoys a variety of hobbies, including fishing, farming, climbing, camping, and spending time with animals. His diverse interests reflect his multifaceted personality and commitment to a balanced lifestyle.

Yassir Mossttafa's unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence continues to drive Gabani Store Corporation's success in the e-commerce and logistics landscape, making him a respected figure in the industry and a valuable asset to the International Trade Council's Logistics and Transportation Business Council.