Vincent Lam

COO of FV Vantage

Vincent Lam – Member of the Business Council for Banking and Trade Finance, Digital Commerce, Logistics and Transportation and, Supply Chain


Vincent Lam serves as the Chief Operating Officer at FV Vantage, a commercial finance consulting firm specializing in leveraging capital strategies. With a comprehensive background spanning business management, raising capital, sales, construction project management, and supply chain management, Vincent brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role.

His entrepreneurship journey started early on as side hustles throughout his 20+ years professional years in the public, utilities and private sectors. After leaving the corporate world in 2018, Vincent decided to go all in and started engaging in consulting services for small businesses, and gradually transitioning to finance-focused advisory roles. Vincent's educational background and years experiences has equipped him with multifaceted skill sets encompassing raising capital, business development, contracts and procurement of various goods and services across various industries, negotiations, sales, marketing, and more.

Throughout his career, Vincent has supported multi-billion-dollar capital projects in the oil and gas sector and facilitated over a hundred million dollars in business fundings across various industries through private, institutional and government sources. However, he finds his proudest accomplishments lie in supporting undervalued or overlooked businesses who were led by great people, contributing to their success and fostering economic growth within communities.

Vincent observes significant shifts within the industry, particularly towards private credit, strategic partnerships, artificial intelligence and digital currencies in response to economic factors and market dynamics. Despite these advancements, challenges such as alignment between funding solution structures and qualifying criteria of businesses in need of funding, especially for small to medium sized businesses, remain prevalent concerns.

Looking ahead, Vincent foresees a heavier emphasis on SBA and SBA alternatives, and with a focus more on asset based and backed solutions, there is a large need and opportunity within the unsecured financing solutions. Vincent also sees there will soon be a mainstream demand for digital currency based and backed funding solutions. He is particularly excited about the opportunities presented by the volume of exiting baby boomer-owned businesses that is not only going to be one of the largest wealth transfers in history but knowledge and skill transfers as well.

To newcomers in the industry, Vincent emphasizes the importance of integrity, resilience, and collaboration with like-minded individuals. He approaches setbacks with a determination to learn and improve, drawing inspiration from industry titans such as Li Ka Shing, Ray Dalio, and Dan Pena.

Outside of supporting businesses with strategically leveraging capital to realizing their goals faster, Vincent enjoys spending time with family, hiking, traveling, indulging in Formula 1, and exploring culinary delights. His interests complement his dedication to both personal and professional growth, embodying a holistic approach to life.