Viktoria Soltesz

Director and Founder of PSP Angels

Viktoria Soltesz- Member of the Business Council for Banking and Trade Finance


Viktoria Soltesz is the CEO of PSP ANGELS, an esteemed independent payment consultancy firm specializing in navigating the intricate landscape of global finance. As a prominent figure in the Banking, Finance, and Trade Finance sectors, Viktoria's leadership at PSP ANGELS has been instrumental in revolutionizing how businesses approach payment solutions and financial strategies.

Driven by a relentless curiosity, Viktoria Soltesz embarked on her journey in finance, specializing in online payments after being a tax consultant and financial auditor for several years. Her professional odyssey, spanning experiences in Hungary, England, and Cyprus, provided invaluable insights into banking practices and illuminated the opacity prevalent in the industry. Fueled by a passion for demystifying online payments and empowering businesses, Viktoria founded PSP ANGELS to bridge the gap between clients and banks, championing transparency and efficiency in money movement.

As the founder and CEO of PSP ANGELS Group, Viktoria spearheads a pioneering venture recognized for its excellence in personalized payment consulting. Under her stewardship, the firm has garnered accolades such as the prestigious Payment Consultants of the Year 2023 award. Viktoria is also celebrated as the author of "Moving Money - How Banks Think" and has been honored with the BusinessWoman of the Year 2023 Award. Central to PSP ANGELS' ethos is a commitment to client satisfaction, underscored by complimentary initial consultations and a steadfast dedication to delivering honest, informed counsel.

Vikoria Soltesz remains at the forefront of industry evolution, navigating the ever-changing landscape of global finance. In an environment characterized by perpetual transformation, Viktoria and PSP ANGELS leverage an extensive network and unwavering dedication to staying abreast of market developments, ensuring clients receive unparalleled expertise and up-to-date insights.

Looking ahead, Viktoria envisions a more understood and safer environment in the payment industry, propelled by technological advancements and shifting market dynamics. She remains optimistic about the potential for innovation to shape the future of finance, emphasizing the importance of independent payment consultants in guiding businesses through regulatory complexities and technological disruptions.

Vikoria Soltesz advocates for seizing the abundant opportunities afforded by technological progress, urging aspiring professionals to embrace their dreams and pursue excellence. Her philosophy, grounded in resilience and a willingness to embrace setbacks as learning opportunities, serves as a guiding light for individuals navigating the complexities of the financial world.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Viktoria finds joy in gastronomy, indulging her passion for cooking, exploring wineries, and savoring diverse cuisines from around the globe.

Viktoria Soltesz epitomizes the spirit of innovation and resilience, leading PSP ANGELS to new heights of success while inspiring others to pursue their aspirations with unwavering determination.