Victor Sitima

Managing Director of DHL International (Malawi) Limited

Victor Sitima- Member of the Business Council for International Trade Policy

Victor Sitima, serving as the Managing Director of DHL International (Malawi) Limited, is a prominent member of the International Trade Policy Business Council within the International Trade Council. His journey in the transport and logistics industry began with humble beginnings in document deliveries, eventually expanding to encompass all types of parcels and restricted commodities. Victor's academic foundation is solid, with a Degree in Finance and a Master of Business Administration in Finance, equipping him with the necessary skills for his career trajectory.

Under Victor's leadership, DHL International (Malawi) Limited has seen significant milestones, including the remarkable turnaround of a previously loss-making operation in Malawi into a profitable entity, achieving double-digit growth for three consecutive years starting from 2021. This achievement is among the professional accomplishments Victor holds in high regard. His tenure in the industry has been marked by the adept allocation of resources and commitment of staff towards achieving objectives at global, regional, and country levels.

The transport and logistics industry has evolved considerably since Victor began his career, with current challenges including the transition to automated systems, the impact of the global economy and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the significant operational costs due to geopolitical tensions. Looking ahead, Victor sees digitalization, including the use of AI and robotics, and e-commerce as the future of trading for most customers in the next 5-10 years.

Victor advises newcomers in the industry to quickly embrace changes, viewing setbacks and challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Inspired by DHL's Global CEO, who has transitioned from a traditional executive role to becoming a "Chief Energy Officer," Victor admires the transformative leadership that energizes and drives the company forward.

Outside of his professional life, Victor enjoys playing golf and engages in charity work with his family, reflecting his commitment to giving back to the community and pursuing personal interests that enrich his life beyond his career achievements.