Umut Cankurt

CEO of Global Tenders and Bids LLC.

Umut Cankurt- Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets


Umut Cankurt, the visionary CEO of Global Tenders and Bids LLC., is an influential member of the Emerging Markets council within the International Trade Council. At the forefront of Global Business and Trade Development as well as Information Technologies, Cankurt has pioneered TendersGo, an innovative online platform that revolutionizes the procurement process by providing a streamlined marketplace for buyers and suppliers across various sectors. This platform caters to government agencies, private corporations, and small businesses alike, offering comprehensive tools to facilitate the tendering process efficiently.

Cankurt's journey into this industry was fueled by an extensive 20-year career in business, where he identified a niche for aiding companies, manufacturers, and contractors in finding new business opportunities and fostering business development. His educational background encompasses a rich tapestry of knowledge, with studies in trade, banking, insurance, and economics complemented by certifications in over 36 finance and management fields. This foundation, coupled with his experience in management, strategy, and project management, has been instrumental in shaping his success.

The creation of TendersGo stands as a testament to Cankurt's commitment to innovation and strategic planning in business and trade development. His professional life is highlighted by significant accomplishments in project management, strategic planning, financial management, and innovation, marking him as a transformative leader in his field.

Since Cankurt's inception into the industry, he has witnessed a paradigm shift towards more transparent and accessible information, propelled by technological advancements and the rise of big data. The challenges he identifies within the industry, such as governmental restrictions on data sharing and internet access, are being gradually overcome as new generations advocate for openness and transparency.

Looking ahead, Cankurt envisions an industry burgeoning with new markets and demands, as technology and internet access become ubiquitous worldwide. He is particularly excited about the prospects of global trade, Industry 4.0, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, recognizing the interconnectedness of technological advancements with trade and business development.

Cankurt advises those entering the industry to embrace a global perspective and stay abreast of new technologies and scientific research to accurately forecast future trends. His approach to overcoming setbacks involves thorough research and the development of innovative solutions, reflecting his proactive and analytical mindset.

Inspired by icons such as Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, Cankurt's professional ethos is driven by a blend of innovation, strategic foresight, and a commitment to excellence. Outside the professional realm, his passions include exploring, nature, and technology, which not only offer him personal fulfillment but also inspire his professional endeavors.

Umut Cankurt's professional biography exemplifies his significant impact on global business and trade development, marking him as a distinguished member of the International Trade Council's Business Council.