Sugat Das

Sugat Das

Founder of Sperta

Sugat Das - Member of the Business Councils for Emerging Markets and Innovation and Technology


Sugat Das, the visionary Founder of Sperta, is an esteemed member of the Innovation and Technology council within the International Trade Council. With a fervent passion for forging future pathways for both individuals and enterprises, he has dedicated his career to the field of branding and growth marketing, aiming to revolutionize the way businesses approach market entry and outreach.

Holding a Master's degree and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Branding or Growth Marketing, his academic pursuits have significantly contributed to his expertise in the industry. His involvement in facilitating market entry and creating outreach for three international brands, with ongoing associations, highlights his capability in navigating the global market landscape.

Sugat’s professional journey is adorned with numerous accomplishments, driven by his love for tackling challenging scenarios across marketing, media initiatives, branding, and executive relationship management. His proficiency lies in creating visibility, maintaining brand recognition, innovating business development opportunities, conducting market research and analysis, and leading teams with a distinctive blend of leadership capabilities.

The consulting industry, according to him, has seen considerable evolution but still lacks regulation and standardization globally. He advocates for streamlining and alignment to policies within the industry, identifying this as a crucial challenge facing the sector today. Looking ahead, he envisions significant growth within the consulting field, emphasizing the necessity for consolidation of policies and a more definitive approach to ensure sustainability and focused outcomes.

For those aspiring to make their mark in the industry, he advises starting with short-term goals and gradually building towards long-term objectives, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in ideas and approaches. He believes that setbacks and challenges can be overcome with unwavering motivation and a steadfast commitment to success.

Steve Jobs stands as Sugat’s singular role model, embodying innovation, resilience, and visionary leadership that transcends sectors. While his professional life is characterized by his contributions to branding, marketing, and consulting, his personal interests and hobbies remain unspecified, leaving a veil over the passions that inspire him outside his professional endeavors.

Sugat Das's professional biography exemplifies a dedication to innovation, strategic marketing, and the development of global business strategies, marking him as a pioneering figure in the International Trade Council's Business Council.