Safak Herdem

Managing Partner of Herdem Attorneys At Law

Safak Herdem - Chairman of the Business Council for Legal


Safak Herdem, the distinguished Chairman of the Business Council for Legal within the International Trade Council, is a highly accomplished legal professional with a remarkable track record in international trade, legal engineering, and regulatory compliance. Serving as the Managing Partner of Herdem Attorneys At Law, he epitomizes excellence in the field of law and international trade.

Herdem Attorneys At Law, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a premier law firm renowned for delivering top-tier legal services to both local and international corporate clients. Their commitment to offering tailored legal solutions that align with clients' business objectives has solidified their position as a trusted legal partner. The firm's diverse client portfolio spans various sectors, including defense & aerospace, life sciences/pharmaceuticals, tourism & travel, and aviation industries.

Mr. Safak Herdem's journey in the legal industry has been nothing short of remarkable. As the founder and managing partner of Herdem Attorneys At Law, he has amassed over 13 years of experience in providing legal counsel and representation on international trade and business matters. His expertise extends to aerospace & defense, international trade, and intricate regulatory compliance issues.

His distinguished career has seen him counsel numerous U.S., Canadian, ASEAN, Middle Eastern, and European companies on international trade, both in advisory and dispute settlement capacities. In the complex realm of military procurement in Turkey, Mr. Herdem has played a pivotal role in advising foreign firms, ensuring their secure participation in major defense programs.

One of Mr. Herdem's notable accomplishments includes representing a U.S. fund in a groundbreaking transaction to acquire MNG Airlines of Turkey, leading to its public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in a USD 676 million deal. He has also been instrumental in representing several foreign entities in military offset projects in Turkey, showcasing his deep knowledge of the intricacies of international trade.

Mr. Safak Herdem's dedication to the field is underscored by his prolific contributions, including authoring the first and only legal book on defense procurement in Turkey. Furthermore, he has lectured at prestigious universities and published over 500 articles in renowned publications worldwide, including Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

In response to the evolving landscape of the legal industry in Turkey, Mr. Herdem recognizes significant changes such as increased internationalization, specialization, technological innovation, and heightened competition. These changes are reshaping the industry, making legal services more efficient and accessible to clients.

As for the challenges faced by the legal industry, Mr. Herdem identifies complexities arising from the ever-changing nature of laws, rising costs, heightened competition from foreign law firms, and evolving client needs. He underscores the importance of law firms adapting to these challenges to remain competitive and relevant.

Looking ahead, Mr. Herdem envisions the legal industry continuing to embrace technology, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. These innovations will revolutionize legal processes, enhance efficiency, and offer clients more value.

For aspiring legal professionals, Mr. Herdem emphasizes the importance of education, skill development, networking, hard work, and above all, a genuine passion for the law. He advises staying open to learning and being prepared to adapt to an ever-changing legal landscape.

In dealing with setbacks and challenges, Mr. Herdem stresses the significance of acknowledging emotions, seeking support, taking time for self-care, reframing situations positively, and taking decisive action to move forward.

Outside his professional life, Safak Herdem finds solace in motorbiking, showcasing his adventurous spirit beyond the legal realm. His multifaceted career and unwavering commitment to excellence make him a prominent figure in the international trade and legal community, inspiring countless legal professionals worldwide.