Robert Harwood

Managing Director of CPL Business Consultants

Robert Harwood- Member of Business Councils for Innovation and Technology, Manufacturing and Sustainability and Environment

Robert Harwood, an esteemed member of the International Trade Council's Business Council, serves as the Managing Director of CPL Business Consultants. With a rich background in science and business, Robert plays a pivotal role in guiding businesses with strategies for growth, market development, innovation, manufacturing, organisation and sustainability.

As the Managing Director of CPL Business Consultants, Robert spearheads consultancy services tailored to companies operating in specialist b2b sectors such as ingredients and inputs for food, health, nutrition, dietary supplements, animal feed, pet food, agriculture, cosmetics, fine chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Robert's journey in the industry began after completing his PhD and MBA, bringing a unique blend of analytical skills and commercial acumen to the consultancy realm. His extensive experience in academia and contract research for commercial clients laid the foundation for his success in consultancy.

Throughout his career, Robert has undertaken over 270 consultancy engagements, collaborating with leading global businesses to provide strategic insights and solutions. His professional accomplishments range from completing high-profile due diligence projects for significant transactions to contributing to the successful launch of innovative consumer products.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, Robert notes a shift towards natural solutions and increased focus on sustainability. He anticipates continued advancements in precision fermentation, vertical farming, smart fertilizers, and AI applications, driving efficiency and sustainability across the supply chain.

Robert's advice for newcomers emphasizes the importance of passion, continuous learning, and embracing new technologies. He encourages professionals to maintain an open mind, envision the future, and constantly strive for improvement.

In handling setbacks and challenges, Robert advocates for a methodical approach, emphasizing the importance of reviewing strategies, resource allocation, and seeking alternative solutions.

Dr. Steve Lisansky, the founder of CPL Business Consultants, serves as a role model for Robert, inspiring him to lead with vision and dedication. Additionally, Robert finds inspiration from collaborative work with clients, fostering valuable experiences and insights.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Robert enjoys singing, cycling, trekking, and exploring diverse interests spanning history to technology.

Robert Harwood's dedication to excellence, coupled with his forward-thinking approach, underscores his contributions to the international trade landscape, making him a valuable asset to the International Trade Council's Business Council.