Prashanth R.

Managing and Founding Counsel of 5ive Legal

Prashanth R. - Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Legal


Meet Prashanth R, the Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Legal within the International Trade Council, a seasoned legal expert with a profound understanding of international trade, cross border mediations, supply chains, IT, Infrastructure and corporate legal affairs.

As the Founder and Principal Attorney of 5ive Legal, Prashanth spearheads a full-service law firm that offers multi-faceted corporate legal services. His journey into the legal world began with a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and legal acumen. A second-generation lawyer, Prashanth recognized the critical role of legal compliance in business success, driving him to explore various opportunities, from real estate and compliance to corporate governance and venture capital.

Prashanth's impressive educational background includes degrees from the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai, and the University of Manchester, UK. He is an accredited counsel for numerous Fortune 500 firms since 2005. His expertise spans a wide range of legal areas, including real estate conveyancing, intellectual property, private equity funding, cross-border agreements,  debt structuring for non-resident clients, and corporate debt restructurings in the infrastructure sector.

Throughout his career, Prashanth has accomplished notable projects, such as conducting South India's largest due diligence on a real estate deal for a Fortune 500 company's windmill investment in record time. He also holds the distinction of being the first to copyright a Tamil movie script in India.

Among his professional achievements, Prashanth is particularly proud of his role in setting up new ventures, facilitating fund inflows into India, and simplifying the ease of doing business in the country. He has been recognized with the Indian Achievers Award in 2020 for his contributions to legal services.

Prashanth has observed significant changes in the legal industry since he first entered it, including reduced timelines, increased reliance on data and computers, and the emergence of online dispute resolution in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking to the future, Prashanth foresees the opening of foreign law firms in India, bringing diverse skill sets and approaches to conducting business. He believes that faster resolutions and a stronger focus on business-driven corporate practices will be key trends in the next 5-10 years.

Excited about the potential of artificial intelligence in the legal field, Prashanth and his firm are gearing up to explore new avenues and equip themselves with innovative skills.

To those starting in the industry, Prashanth offers sage advice: be a perpetual student, a keen listener, and an enthusiastic learner, as these qualities pave the way for a rewarding journey.

When faced with setbacks and challenges, Prashanth's philosophy is rooted in resilience and learning. He sees setbacks as valuable lessons that prepare individuals for future success.

While Prashanth doesn't have specific role models in the legal field, he believes in imbibing the best qualities from various accomplished individuals across different domains.

Beyond his professional life, Prashanth finds solace in melodious music, mindful reading, and meditation, highlighting the importance of mental well-being in his life.

Prashanth Ram's extensive experience, forward-thinking approach, and dedication to legal excellence make him an invaluable member of the Business Council for Legal, contributing to the growth of international trade and legal services.