Nishan K. Silva

Director of Alinitak Global (North America) Inc.

Nishan K. Silva- Member of the Business Council for Supply Chain


Nishan K. Silva serves as the Director of Alinitak Global (North America) Inc. and Alinitak Global Singapore Pte Ltd. and is a distinguished member of the International Trade Council's Business Council on Supply Chain. With a wealth of experience in international business development, particularly in the power & energy and Food sectors, Nishan has made significant contributions to the industry through his leadership and expertise.

Nishan's journey in the industry began leveraging his core competencies, propelled by his academic qualifications and skills. Holding an LLM in International Business specializing in Finance, an MBA specializing in Marketing, and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations, Nishan is equipped with a comprehensive understanding of global business dynamics.

Throughout his career, Nishan has demonstrated exceptional skills in sales, conference speaking, global value chain development, and project bidding. He has successfully led international partnerships in the power & energy and food & beverage industries, garnering recognition from global partners for his contributions to international business development.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, Nishan notes significant advancements in technology, both in products and services, shaping the landscape of the power & energy and food sectors.

Despite advancements, the industry faces challenges such as international logistics and supply chain complexities, trade barriers, geopolitical conflicts, and climate change. However, Nishan remains optimistic about the industry's growth trajectory in the next 5-10 years, foreseeing expansion in both sectors.

Nishan is particularly excited about the trends towards sustainability and the application of artificial intelligence, recognizing their potential to drive innovation and efficiency in the industry.

Offering advice to newcomers in the industry, Nishan emphasizes the importance of thinking long-term, highlighting the significance of strategic planning and foresight.

In handling setbacks and challenges, Nishan adopts a proactive approach, employing preemptive measures to mitigate risks and steer towards stable outcomes when faced with obstacles.

Inspired by entrepreneurial figures like Richard Branson, Nishan values continuous learning and personal growth. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys reading, playing squash, running, and staying active in the gym, showcasing his diverse interests beyond the realm of business.

As Director of Alinitak Global (North America) Inc. and a respected member of the International Trade Council's Supply Chain Business Council, Nishan K. Silva continues to lead with innovation, vision, and a commitment to excellence in international business development within the power & energy and food & beverage sectors.