Nicholas Ashby

CEO of Celadon Capital

Nicholas Ashby- Chairman of the Business Council for Sustainability and Environment


Nicholas is the distinguished Chairman of Sustainability and Environment Business Council at the forefront of International Trade Council. As the CEO of Celadon Capital, and affiliate company of Eaton Square, of which he is Principal SE Asia, he has carved an impressive career in corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions, and capital markets advisory.

Nicholas holds a Master's Degree (MA Cantab) in Natural Sciences and Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Throughout his career, Nicholas has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping privately-owned entrepreneur-run companies around the world navigate the complexities of corporate finance. He specializes in providing financing solutions to companies in their growth phase, facilitating capital raising from the likes of Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices, and guiding them towards IPOs or exit via M&A.

Having witnessed the evolution of the corporate finance industry over the past 40 years, Nicholas acknowledges the increasing competition and the transformation of business practices with the advent of technology, AI, ChatGPT and social media. He recognizes the importance of staying technologically adept and anticipates a future marked by even greater reliance on technology and readily available data, simplifying both the work of many professions and the process of decision-making in general.

For those aspiring to follow in his footsteps and start their own advisory business, Nicholas recommends building partnerships with equally committed individuals, each with well-defined roles. Collaboration and synergy, teamwork and mutual respect and trust, he believes, are integral to success in the industry.

Nicholas remains poised and unrelentingly positive, attributes that have served him well in navigating the challenges of the finance world at a time of uncertainty. He draws inspiration from advisory firms that accomplish landmark transactions or earn a distinguished reputation.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Nicholas Ashby's interests encompass the arts, cinema, photography, and skiing.

Nicholas Ashby stands as a prominent figure in International Trade Council, leveraging his expertise to make a difference to entrepreneur-founded businesses through his expertise in corporate finance,  M&A, and all the steps in between that will create, enhance and realize shareholder value.