Nabin Bhandari

Founding and Managing Partner of Bhandari Law and Partners

Nabin Bhandari- Member of the Business Councils for Banking and Trade Finance, Dispute Resolution and Mediation, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI),Intellectual Property, International Trade Policy, Legal, and Venture Capital


Nabin Bhandari, the Founding and Managing Partner of Bhandari Law and Partners, has cemented his position as a formidable force in the legal landscape of Nepal. His firm, rooted in over three decades of legal heritage initiated by Advocate Thahar Bahadur Bhandari, has flourished into the nation's leading corporate law firm. Specializing in a vast array of corporate legal practices, from Arbitration to Intellectual Property Law, and Banking Finance to White Collar Crimes, Bhandari Law and Partners stands as a beacon for national and international clients seeking unparalleled legal expertise.

Nabin's journey into the legal field was paved with significant experiences in top law firms in Nepal, culminating in an illustrious education with a Master of Law in International Business Law from the University of Brussels. His role as a business law expert for the World Bank Group's Doing Business Report and his affiliations with prestigious international arbitration bodies underscore his global perspective and commitment to legal excellence.

The firm's success story is decorated with high-profile engagements and contributions to the legal community, including Nabin's membership in the Energy Arbitration Dispute Center in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Young International Council for Commercial Arbitration in The Hague, Netherlands. His pride in contributing to the World Bank Group's reports since 2019 reflects the firm's impact on shaping global business landscapes.

Facing an industry that increasingly demands specialization, Bhandari Law and Partners navigates challenges with a focus on developing competent manpower and integrating new trend into their practice. Nabin envisions a future where the legal sector advances towards specialization, leveraging technological innovations to enhance service delivery.

While Nabin remains reticent about his personal hobbies and inspirations, his professional journey paints a picture of a visionary leader deeply committed to advancing the legal industry in Nepal and beyond, embracing the challenges and opportunities that come with steering a leading law firm in an ever-evolving global landscape.