Madelein Mkunu


Madelein Mkunu- Member of the Business Council for Women in International Trade

Madelein Mkunu, a visionary leader and the CEO of LWA Corporate Investment (PTY) LTD, epitomizes the spirit of pioneering leadership in the spheres of trade, investment promotion, and education. A key member of the Women in International Trade business council, her professional journey is defined by a profound commitment to fostering economic empowerment and leadership among women across Africa.

With a rich educational background that includes a Masters in Management and an MBA from the IEDC School of Management, Slovenia, a post-graduate degree in Development Studies from the University of Western Cape, South Africa, a certificate in women's empowerment from Michigan State University, USA, and a diploma in Accounting, Madelein's academic achievements have provided her with a robust foundation to impact the trade and investment sector significantly.

Under Madelein's stewardship, Leading Women of Africa (LWA) Group, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, has flourished as a pan-African women-led social enterprise. LWA's dual mission of facilitating trade and investment opportunities while promoting entrepreneurship and female leadership in Africa is a testament to Madelein's innovative and strategic leadership. Her work actively drives socio-economic development in partnership with women and other stakeholders, positioning LWA as a pivotal player in Africa's growth narrative.

Madelein's career is distinguished by her ability to conceptualize and implement various gender development programmes that inspire change across the continent. Her efforts have significantly contributed to policy formulation and the delivery of gender mainstreaming strategies for government and international institutions. Furthermore, her role in developing mentorship programs for female political leaders and entrepreneurship programs for women across Africa underscores her dedication to empowering the female demographic on a grand scale.

The evolution of the industry from traditional business methods to a digital-first approach has underscored the need for adaptability and innovation, themes that Madelein has embraced wholeheartedly. Despite the challenges posed by technological advancements and geopolitical issues, she remains optimistic about the future, recognizing the potential of the digital economy in transforming trade and investment landscapes.

Looking ahead, Madelein envisions a future where digital trends dominate the global economy, emphasizing the importance of embracing the digital revolution to ensure sustainable growth and competitiveness, particularly for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Outside of her professional commitments, Madelein has a keen interest in geopolitics, reflecting her broad understanding of global dynamics and their impact on trade and investment. Her ability to analyze and debate world events enriches her perspectives, further informing her work and leadership in the trade and investment sector.

Madelein Mkunu's journey is a compelling narrative of leadership, innovation, and unwavering commitment to empowering women across Africa. Her contributions to the trade and investment industry, coupled with her advocacy for gender equality, establish her as a formidable leader whose influence extends beyond the confines of her immediate professional circle.