Lovemore Zirangwa

Managing Partner of FOLIEN VOGEL AFRICA

Lovemore Zirangwa - Member of the Business Council for Digital Commerce


Lovemore Zirangwa is the Managing Partner of FOLIEN VOGEL AFRICA, a prominent player in the Forensics and Large-scale Biometric, GIS, and DNA profiling industry. With over 25 years of experience, Lovemore has demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision, propelling the company to the forefront of innovation and excellence

Throughout his career, Lovemore has held various leadership roles within Folien Vogel Zimbabwe and Folien Vogel Africa, bringing a wealth of experience to his current position. His journey in the industry began as a response to the political and economic challenges faced by Zimbabwe, where he skillfully improvised and provided much-needed components and services to the government amidst trade embargoes and sanctions.

Lovemore's commitment to continuous learning and development is evident in his pursuit of a Diploma in Social Studies and Counseling Skills. His multidisciplinary background, including law enforcement forensics, electoral management, and biometric voter registrations, has equipped him with a unique skill set to drive success in his career.

Throughout his tenure, Lovemore has spearheaded key projects and initiatives that have contributed to the success of FOLIEN VOGEL AFRICA. His ability to streamline public-private partnerships and develop innovative biometric and GIS solutions has led to significant productivity gains and revenue growth for the company.

Lovemore's insightful perspective is rooted in his desire to see the upskilling and formalization of SMEs in Africa. He recognizes the potential of data-driven solutions to drive economic growth and job creation, particularly in the context of Zimbabwe's economic challenges.

Despite industry challenges such as regulatory hurdles and undercapitalization, Lovemore remains optimistic about the future. He envisions massive industrial growth and advancement in Zimbabwe and Africa at large, driven by data-driven policies and investments in SME development.

As a seasoned professional, Lovemore advises aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace innovation and adaptability. He believes that mindset and determination are key to overcoming setbacks and challenges in the industry.

Lovemore is excited about the potential of on-site handheld/mobile biometric and GIS profiling for SMEs, as well as advancements in biometric, GIS, and DNA profiling for law enforcement and security applications.

In summary, Lovemore Zirangwa's leadership and vision are driving FOLIEN VOGEL AFRICA towards greater heights in the Forensics and Biometric industry. His commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the market, positions him as a valuable asset to the International Trade Council's Business Council in Digital Commerce.