Ken Newton

Director of Ken Newton Management Consultant

Ken Newton- Member of the Business Council for Supply Chain


Ken Newton is a respected member of the International Trade Council's Supply Chain Business Council, serving as a Director at Ken Newton Management Consultant. With over two decades of experience in business operations and consulting, Ken is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support to businesses seeking growth and success.

Ken's journey in the industry began with his extensive experience in various business sectors, where he gained profound insights into business processes and systems. Recognizing the need for professional advisory services, he established Ken Newton Management Consultant to offer comprehensive business advisory solutions.

Educationally, Ken holds an MBA, a Postgraduate Certificate in Business (Supply Chain Management), as well as diplomas in Logistics Management and Project Management. He is also accredited as a Certified Professional Business Advisor, reflecting his commitment to excellence in the field.

Throughout his career, Ken has been involved in key projects that have significantly contributed to his success. From assisting aerospace organizations with regulatory compliance to implementing ERP systems, his expertise has made a tangible impact on the businesses he serves.

Ken's professional accomplishments include completing his MBA program, obtaining international accreditation as a Certified Professional Business Advisor, and venturing into entrepreneurship by starting his own consulting business.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, Ken acknowledges the ever-changing landscape shaped by technological advancements and global economic shifts. He identifies keeping pace with technology and adapting to new regulatory requirements as ongoing challenges for businesses.

Looking ahead, Ken foresees continued growth in the business advisory and coaching sector. As the business landscape evolves, he anticipates increased demand for services that help businesses navigate complex systems and regulations.

Ken is particularly excited about process automation as a trend in his industry, as it enables businesses to streamline operations and focus on strategic growth initiatives.

For newcomers entering the industry, Ken emphasizes the importance of understanding business owners' perspectives and coaching them through challenges to foster growth and success.

In handling setbacks and challenges, Ken adopts a proactive approach, viewing every obstacle as an opportunity for learning and growth. He draws inspiration from mentors like Mr. David Rogers, whose insights have enriched his own understanding of business support and coaching.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Ken enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle through exercise and cherishes spending quality time with his grandchildren, finding fulfillment beyond the realm of business.