Joyce Wangui Kibet

Regional Advisor & Consultant; Gender Economics. Gender Governance. Organizational Strengthening. Founding Director - Business Advantage LTD of Business Advantage

Joyce Wangui Kibet- Member of the Business Council for Women in International Trade 

Joyce Wangui Kibet is a distinguished Regional Advisor and Consultant with over a decade of expertise in gender economics, gender governance, and organizational strengthening across both non-profit and for-profit sectors. Her work spans national, regional, and multinational organizations, where she has been instrumental in driving sustainable economic development through organizational structure, strategy, and partnership strengthening. Joyce’s profound influence is particularly noted in mainstreaming women's peace and security agenda within the realms of women's economic empowerment and governance, especially in conflict-prone economies within the East African Region and Africa Great Lakes Region.

Joyce's educational background includes a BSc in International Business Administration from United States International University-Africa, supplemented by professional development training in critical areas such as interpreting international trade agreements, negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, circular economy, and negotiating impact investments. Her dedication and expertise have positioned her as a leader in consulting, focusing on creating impactful change through consultative processes and multi-sectoral partnerships.

Throughout her career, Joyce has spearheaded significant projects, including her role as a National Consultant for the UN Office of the Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region. She led assessments on Women Economic Empowerment and their participation in peace-building efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Joyce's accolades include being an Honorary Ambassador & Thought Leader for the International Women's Think Tank (USA), receiving the 2023 Executive Leadership Impact Award by Integrity International Trade & Business Network –USA, and serving as the National Chairperson of the ICGLR-RWF Kenya Office.

Joyce has observed a shift in the consulting industry towards leveraging technically competent local talent, evidence-based consulting, and technological tools for data-driven decision-making. She anticipates the industry will increasingly rely on AI-driven tools, emphasizing the need for ethical frameworks and accountability in AI-driven consulting practices.

For those entering the industry, Joyce advises maintaining professional engagement, embracing technological literacy, cultivating adaptability, prioritizing ethical considerations, and building a diverse skill set to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of consulting.

Outside her professional endeavors, Joyce enjoys exploring trails with her husband, watching legal dramas and comedies, and dining out with her family, cherishing the moments spent with her two daughters and husband.

Joyce Wangui Kibet's journey in the consulting industry showcases her dedication to gender economics, governance, and organizational strengthening. As a founding director of Business Advantage LTD and a committed member of the Women in International Trade Business Council, Joyce continues to inspire and lead initiatives that converge business models with social impact, empowering women entrepreneurs and organizations across Africa.