Jordan Hauer

CEO & Founder of Amass Insights

Jordan Hauer - Member of the Business Councils for Artificial Intelligence, Banking and Trade Finance, Innovation and Technology, Intellectual Property and, Venture Capital

Jordan Hauer, the visionary CEO & Founder of Amass Insights, stands at the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence, Banking and Trade Finance, Innovation and Technology, Intellectual Property, and Venture Capital as a prominent member of the International Trade Council. With a deep-rooted presence in the realms of Alternative Data, Investment Management, and FinTech, Hauer has masterfully steered Amass Insights to become an indispensable resource for investment organizations and hedge funds, specializing in the sourcing and selling of data on behalf of data providers.

Hauer's journey into the industry began with a significant role as the CTO/CDO of a hedge fund, a position that laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Armed with an Information Science, Systems, and Technology engineering degree from the prestigious Cornell University, his academic and professional background has been pivotal in navigating the complex landscape of financial technology and data management.

At the helm of Amass Insights, Hauer has embarked on key projects that have significantly contributed to the success of some of the largest hedge funds globally. His pioneering efforts in developing a new category of data, specifically email transactional data, have not only set a new precedent in the industry but also underscored his role as an innovator and thought leader in data-driven investment strategies.

Reflecting on the evolution of the industry, Hauer notes the significant advancements and shifts that have taken place, highlighting the current challenges such as reducing the time to value with data. Looking ahead, he envisions an industry trajectory aimed at enhancing efficiency in data procurement, a critical component for sustaining growth and innovation in the fast-paced world of FinTech.

Hauer's anticipation for new technologies and trends within the industry underscores his commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. His advice to those embarking on a career in the industry is to gain a robust understanding of the markets and to specialize deeply in one industry or category, emphasizing the importance of expertise in achieving success.

Faced with setbacks and challenges, Hauer's approach is characterized by resilience and a strategic mindset, aiming to build a sustainable and growing business. While his professional achievements are noteworthy, Hauer also maintains a rich array of hobbies and interests outside his professional life, reflecting a balanced and multifaceted personality.

Jordan Hauer's contribution to the International Trade Council and his leadership across multiple business councils showcase his dedication to fostering innovation, protecting intellectual property, and promoting venture capital investment in the technology and financial sectors. His work at Amass Insights exemplifies the intersection of data, finance, and technology, driving forward the future of investment management and FinTech.