Joel Traz Obeng

Chairman & Co-Founder of Done Remotely Resources Inc

Joel Traz Obeng- Member of the Business Council for Manufacturing


Joel Traz Obeng is a dedicated Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist and a proud member of the International Trade Council's Business Council on Manufacturing. As the CEO of Richter Nourish Care Consult, Joel plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing nutrition support care across various sectors, including healthcare, schools, and mining companies.

With a profound understanding of the impact of nutrition on health, Joel's company specializes in providing comprehensive nutrition support care in diverse healthcare settings. From acute clinical care to chronic metabolic diseases, Richter Nourish Care Consult delivers tailored nutrition solutions to enhance patient well-being and promote metabolic health.

Joel's journey in the industry began when he started working as a Nutrition Technical Officer in a hospital, where he witnessed firsthand the crucial role of nutrition in preventing and managing various health conditions. Armed with a Diploma in Human Nutrition, a Bachelor of Dietetics, and over 10 years of clinical experience, Joel has honed his skills and expertise to become a trusted authority in the field of clinical nutrition.

Throughout his career, Joel has spearheaded key projects and initiatives that have significantly contributed to his success in business. Notably, his School Health Project focuses on screening and reversing childhood obesity and pre-diabetes, highlighting his commitment to preventive healthcare and community well-being. Additionally, Joel has helped numerous diabetic patients lead healthier lives through personalized nutrition interventions.

Among his professional accomplishments, Joel takes pride in helping obese and pre-diabetic children reverse their conditions, underscoring his dedication to making a positive impact on individual lives and community health outcomes.

As the industry continues to evolve, Joel observes a steady increase in the number of clients seeking nutrition support care, reflecting growing awareness and demand for preventive healthcare services. However, financial support remains a significant challenge facing the industry, prompting Joel to explore innovative solutions to ensure sustainable growth and development.

Looking ahead, Joel envisions the nutrition industry becoming a global health hub, driving advancements in evidence-based practices and cutting-edge technologies. He is particularly excited about the emergence of evidence-based laboratories that support accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans, revolutionizing the delivery of nutrition support care.

Offering advice to newcomers in the industry, Joel emphasizes the importance of basing clinical practice on sound diagnosis supported by laboratory evidence, ensuring the delivery of effective and evidence-based nutrition interventions.

Outside of his professional life, Joel enjoys engaging in various hobbies and interests, including basketball, swimming, and teaching children. He is passionate about child brain development programs and actively promotes initiatives like Abacus learning to nurture young minds and foster cognitive growth.

Through his leadership, expertise, and dedication to advancing nutrition care, Joel Traz Obeng continues to make significant contributions to the healthcare industry and the broader community, shaping a healthier and more resilient future for all.