Jitender Singh

CEO and Fonder of Clickzy Creative Technologies Private Limited

Jitender Singh- Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology, International Trade Policy and Supply Chain

Jitender Singh, as the CEO and Founder of Clickzy Creative Technologies Private Limited, epitomizes innovation and foresight in the realms of IoT, AI, and Blockchain. His esteemed membership in the International Trade Council, contributing to the Innovation and Technology, International Trade Policy, and Supply Chain Business Councils, underscores his pivotal role in steering the future of industry 4.0.

Singh's journey in the sector is backed by over two decades of experience, culminating in the establishment of a startup that stands at the forefront of enabling industry 4.0 through cutting-edge IoT devices. His impressive academic background, encompassing a B.Tech, M.Tech, and MBA, has provided a solid foundation for his ventures, equipping him with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the industry.

Throughout his career, Singh has been instrumental in executing key projects and initiatives such as Category Management, Centralised IED Setup, and leveraging Data-Driven Insights, which have significantly contributed to his business success. Among his professional achievements, Singh takes pride in having built brands from the ground up in highly competitive spaces, emphasizing the importance of tech enablement and the strategic use of digitalization and automation.

Singh has witnessed the industry's evolution from manual processes to a future dominated by AI-driven systems, highlighting the transition towards automation and the increasing reliance on data-driven decision-making. He identifies the primary challenge facing the industry as the need for speed and agility, which traditional systems struggle to meet due to inherent checks and balances.

Looking ahead, Singh envisions a complete transformation of the industry towards data-driven operations within the next 5-10 years. He is particularly excited about the potential of IoT, AI, and Blockchain technologies to revolutionize the sector, advocating for their early integration and the allocation of resources for continuous iteration.

To those aspiring to make their mark in the industry, Singh offers sage advice: embrace technology from the start, allocate budget and time for iterations, and adopt a resilient approach to setbacks by stepping back, replanning, and resolving issues.

Singh draws inspiration from industry luminaries such as Sam Altman, Elon Musk, and Gary Gensler, whose innovative mindsets and achievements resonate with his ambitions and goals. Beyond his professional pursuits, Singh enjoys singing and playing chess, activities that reflect his multifaceted personality and intellectual curiosity.

Jitender Singh's leadership at Clickzy Creative Technologies and his contributions to the International Trade Council's Business Councils in Innovation and Technology, International Trade Policy, and Supply Chain represent a blend of visionary thinking, strategic acumen, and a commitment to driving progress in the tech-driven landscape of industry 4.0.